Sunrise is an opensource and OOP-based WordPress plugin framework
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Sunrise for WordPress

New Maintainer

As of March 1, 2015, Tyler Longren has taken over maintenance of this plugin. If you have any feature requests or know of something broken, please create an issue. I am especially interested in removing any deprecated WordPress functions and replacing them with their proper alternatives.

Options Pages Framework for WordPress Plugins and Themes

Sunrise is an open-source and OOP-based plugin framework. It can help you to make unlimited number of fast and powerful options pages with native look in your WordPress plugins or themes. It was designed to speed up plugin deployment and development, together with sufficient functionality.

Quick start

Open file plugin-example.php and modify the code as you want. Detailed documentation will be added in closest future. Use native WordPress functions to get and update created options - get_option( $id ), update_option( $id, 'new value' )

Useful links


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Extra fields Extra fields