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.notes + ‘.notes/’
00patterns / ‘00patterns/not-responding/not-responding.png’
00tools + ‘00tools/dotgrid.png’
USB-boot-creator / ‘USB-boot-creator/usb-boot-creator-degnomified.png’
add-remove-software add/remove software - add a package details pane
avatar-chooser tweak
boxes / ‘boxes/wires/newbox-assistant.png’
break-timer initial wireframes for dylan's break timer app
builder builder wires - elaborate the document controls a bit
calculator / ‘calculator/src/calculator-hi-res.svg’
calendar calendar management wip
character-map character map - refresh!
chat - ‘hat/src/chat-wires.png’
cheese cheese - forgot the latest svg
clocks clocks - a new iteration
collections collections wires - refine
color chooser + ‘color chooser/coloreditor.svg’
colorhug + ‘colorhug/latency tool/colorhug-latency-tool.png’
contacts tweak the contacts and calendar setup wireframes
content selection content selection - nicer idea for selecting an app
credentials - ‘credentials/credentials.svg.2012_01_10_21_24_28.1.svg’
devhelp / ‘devhelp/devhelp.svg’
dictionary - ‘dictionary/dictionary-aday.svg’
disks disks - another iteration of volumes as a list
documents collections; i think i was overthinking this one
empathy update empathy with incoming call improvements
empty-app-states empty app states - consistent icon usage for photos
epiphany + ‘00patterns/.empty’
evince evince - update wireframes after discussion with development team
eye-of-gnome eog - update the header bar guidance
file chooser / ‘file chooser/file-picker-312.svg’
games tidy up
gedit update design for new/open in gedit
gnome-color-manager + ‘.notes/’
help / ‘help/help-start-5.png’
ide dump initial ide mockups
initial-app-states initial app states - correct assets for notse and photos
initial-setup initial setup - add a mockup for a privacy settings step
input-sources input sources - hi-res candidate chooser popups
irc / ‘irc/irc-first-try.svg’
links + ‘links/links-seif.png’
location-sharing-apps wireframes for location sharing mobile apps
logs logs - add guidance for compressed entries
mail/Evolution Fixes / ‘calendar/TODO.txt’
maps / ‘maps/checkin-dialog.png’
mobile-broadband elaborate the mobile broadband wireframes a little
music music - album view with no artwork
nautilus nautilus - wireframes for a what's new guide
notes minor fix
notifications fix stuff
office-runner + ‘office-runner/finished-norecord.png’
oops + ‘oops/oops-search.png’
overlay-help help overlay - nicer treatment for the shell
passwords-and-keys quick gnome 3 style seahorse wireframe
photos / ‘photos/wires-editing.svg’
polari / ‘polari/connections.png’
power-off / ‘power-off/power-off.svg’
print - ‘print/printer panel/’
problem-reporting problem reporting - tweak some text
screencaps + ‘.notes/’
selection-pattern selection pattern - context menu on right click/long press
selections mouse
sharing sandboxing stuff - tweak a few things
shell forgot some things
software software - wireframes for fun warning dialogs
sound-recorder / ‘ound-recorder/v2/sound-recorder_hi_res_list_info.png’
system-lock-login-boot new notifications designs
system-settings another online accounts iteration
terminal terminal preferences - minor correction
the-board / ‘the-board/the-board.svg’
theming experiments for expanding popover submenus - replacing the existing s…
time-zone-selection time zone location - tweaks and elaborations
to-do add designs for a to do list app
transfers transfers - remove the select all/none experiment
tweak-tool tweak tool - add hi-resolution guidance
usage usage - follow the dialog guidelines for the process dialog
videos + ‘videos/thumbnails-square.png’
weather weather - fine tune the details. move text to the wiki
web-apps / ‘web-apps/web-apps.png’
web / ‘web/web-incognito3.png’
.sparkleshare + ‘.sparkleshare’
this is the right place for mockups.txt + ‘this is the right place for mockups.txt’
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