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Metaschema framework is s an information modeling methodology. Metaschema framework is developed by NIST. An information model developed using this framework can be used to automatically:

  • Generate associated XML and JSON schema
  • Produce model documentation
  • Create content converters capable of converting between XML and JSON formats
  • Data APIs for use in application code

Golang Extension

This project extends metaschema beyond xml/json/yaml. This project allows users to generate golang code for processing those xml/json/yaml files out of NIST's metaschema.


# Acquire latest OSCAL metaschema (OSCAL is the most evolved appliacation of the metaschema)
git clone --depth 1
# Parse metaschema and generate golang structs
./gocomply_metaschema generate ./OSCAL/src/metaschema types/oscal


go get -u -v

Projects using GoComply/metaschema