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Point & click adventure game framework for Godot Engine
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Escoria 3.0

Libre framework for the creation of point-and-click adventure games with the MIT-licensed multi-platform game engine Godot Engine.

This version works with Godot 3.0.

For Escoria 2.0 for Godot 3.2, please check the branch.
For Escoria 2.0 for Godot 2.1, please check the branch.

Escoria consists of a set of scripts, template scenes and a dialogue scripting language, which are all meant to be used within Godot Engine.

It takes advantage of the Godot features and editor, and is meant to be usable by a team to make a game with little intervention from programmers. It is designed so that you can claim it for yourself and modify it to match the needs of your specific game and team.


This framework was initially developed for the adventure game The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy® and later streamlined for broader usages and open sourced as promised to the backers of the Dog Mendonça Kickstarter campaign.


Here be dragons.


This repository contains some basic documentation in the docs folder.

An extensive manual named Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria was written during a booksprint by Ariel Manzur (@punto-), main developer of this framework, and the FLOSS Manuals francophone community.


The great demo that goes with the FLOSS Manuals francophone manual linked above, "Escoria in Daïza", is also hosted on GitHub. It is released under the MIT license, and can thus be used as a way to kickstart your experience with Escoria.


This framework (scripts, scenes) is distributed under the MIT license, as described in the file.

Art credits

Sound credits

box_open: 61-AbrirCaja by Caap(, License CC0, [distributed on] (


The Noto font is a trademark of Google Inc., and is available under the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1.

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