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Contribute to Twital

Thank you for contributing to Twital!

Before we can merge your Pull-Request here are some guidelines that you need to follow. These guidelines exist not to annoy you, but to keep the code base clean, unified and future proof.

We only accept PRs to "master"

Our branching strategy is "everything to master first", even bugfixes and we then merge them into the stable branches. You should only open pull requests against the master branch. Otherwise we cannot accept the PR.

Coding Standard

We use PSR-1 and PSR-2:


Please try to add a test for your pull-request.

You can run the unit-tests by calling phpunit from the root of the project.


We automatically run your pull request through Travis CI. If you break the tests, we cannot merge your code, so please make sure that your code is working before opening up a Pull-Request.

Issues and Bugs

To create a new issue, you can use the GitHub issue tracking system. Please, try to distinguish between Twig and Twital issues.

Getting merged

Please allow us time to review your pull requests. We will give our best to review everything as fast as possible, but cannot always live up to our own expectations.

Thank you very much again for your contribution!