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Using git

  1. You can clone the git repository

    $ git clone git://
  2. Then add this to your ~/.emacs.el

    (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/org-redmine/")
    (require 'org-redmine)

Using auto-install

;; Eval this
(auto-install-from-url "")

;; Or run
;; M-x auto-install-from-url RET


URL (Required)

;; Target Redmine URI
;;   eg. Redmine Project
(setq org-redmine-uri "")
;;   eg. Ruby Project
(setq org-redmine-uri "")

Authentication (Optional)

Presented in order of highest priority setting.

  1. REST API Key

    (setq org-redmine-auth-api-key "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx") ;; nil default
  2. username/password

    (setq org-redmine-auth-username "gongo")
    (setq org-redmine-auth-password "secret")
  3. use $HOME/.netrc

    ;; if t, read $HOME/.netrc
    (setq org-redmine-auth-netrc-use t) ;; nil default

Template Sequences

%-sequence mean
%as_i% assigned_to id
%as_n% assigned_to name
%au_i% author id
%au_n% author name
%c_i% category id
%c_n% category name
%c_date% created_on
%d% description
%done% done_ratio
%d_date% due_date
%i% issue id
%pr_i% priority id
%pr_n% priority name
%p_i% project id
%p_n% project name
%s_date% start_date
%s_i% status id
%s_n% status name
%s% subject
%t_i% tracker id
%t_n% tracker name
%u_date% updated_on
%v_n% fixed_version name
%v_i% fixed_version id

Template of insert subtree

;; default template
;; (defvar org-redmine-template-header "#%i% %s% :%t_n%:")
;; (defvar org-redmine-template-property nil)

;; * [#333] Subject :Tag:

(setq org-redmine-template-header "[%p_n%] #%i% %s% by %as_n%")
(setq org-redmine-template-property
      '(("assigned_to" . "%as_n%")
        ("version" . "%v_n%")))

;; * [ProjectName] #333 Subject by gongo
;;   :assigned_to:  dududu
;;   :version: 1.2
;;   :END:

(setq org-redmine-template-header "[#%i%] %s%")
(setq org-redmine-template-property
      '(("project_name" . "%as_n%")))

;; * [#333] Subject
;;   :project_name:  ProjectName
;;   :END:

See org-redmine.el for other % sequence list