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syntax = "proto2";
import "";
import "";
import "";
import "";
import "";
import "";
package cloudprober;
message ProberConfig {
// Probes to run.
repeated probes.ProbeDef probe = 1;
// Surfacers are used to export probe results for further processing.
// If no surfacer is configured, a prometheus and a file surfacer are
// initialized:
// - Prometheus makes probe results available at http://<host>:9313/metrics.
// - File surfacer writes results to stdout.
// You can disable default surfacers (in case you want no surfacer at all), by
// adding the following to your config:
// surfacer {}
repeated surfacer.SurfacerDef surfacer = 2;
// Servers to run inside cloudprober. These servers can serve as targets for
// other probes.
repeated servers.ServerDef server = 3;
// Resource discovery server
optional targets.rds.ServerConf rds_server = 95;
// Port for the default HTTP server. This port is also used for prometheus
// exporter (URL /metrics). Default port is 9313. If not specified in the
// config, default port can be overridden by the environment variable
optional int32 port = 96;
// How often to export system variables. To learn more about system variables:
optional int32 sysvars_interval_msec = 97 [default = 10000];
// Variables specified in this environment variable are exported as it is.
// This is specifically useful to export information about system environment,
// for example, docker image tag/digest-id, OS version etc. See
// tools/ in the cloudprober directory for an example on
// how to use these variables.
optional string sysvars_env_var = 98 [default = "SYSVARS"];
// Options for RTC reporter. RTC reporter reports information about the
// current instance to a Runtime Config (RTC). This is useful if you want your
// instance to be dynamically discoverable through RTC targets. This is
// disabled by default.
optional targets.rtcreporter.RtcReportOptions rtc_report_options = 99;
// Global targets options. Per-probe options are specified within the probe
// stanza.
optional targets.GlobalTargetsOptions global_targets_options = 100;