CRMint makes reliable data integration and data processing with Google easy for advertisers
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Make reliable data integration and data processing with Google easy for advertisers.

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You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Daniel Keys Moran

CRMint was created to make advertisers' data integration and processing easy, even for people without software engineering background.

CRMint has simple and intuitive web UI that allows users to create, edit, run, and schedule data pipelines consisting of data transfer and data processing jobs.

This README is for building and extending CRMint as a developer. For guidance on using CRMint, refer to the User documentation

CRMint is a Google App Engine application written in Python for Google App Engine Python Standard Environment. CRMint uses Cloud SQL to store it's business data, and Stackdriver Logging to store it's activity logs.

Deploy CRMint to your Google Cloud project, build a data pipeline, and benefit from data integration and processing in Google Cloud.

This is not an official Google product.

Run CRMint on your local machine

Create GCP project (if needed)

$ PROJECT_ID="my-crmint-${RANDOM:0:4}"
$ gcloud projects create $PROJECT_ID --enable-cloud-apis --set-as-default

Retrieve your GCP service account key (if needed)

$ gcloud app create --region=europe-west
$ gcloud iam service-accounts keys create \
    "./backends/data/${PROJECT_ID}.json" \
    --iam-account="${PROJECT_ID}" \
$ cp ./backends/data/$PROJECT_ID.json ./backends/data/service-account.json

Run local CRMint

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up