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Physical Web™

If we believe in Moore's Law whatsoever, then small, cheap, connected devices will soon explode into our lives, filling our homes, workplaces, and public spaces. Today, most IoT devices require installing a dedicated app, which simply doesn't scale when you want to interact with a multitude of smart “things” around you every day. The web is a natural fit, offering interaction on demand without the friction and overhead of installation. The Physical Web is an approach to unleash the core superpower of the web, enabling interaction that’s just a tap away.

Branding Guidelines

The following guidelines provide you with guidance for using the Physical Web name and the corresponding Physical Web logo. You can use the name and the logo on your website or in print without pre-approval, provided you follow these basic guidelines.

  • Do use the trademark symbol in the first or most prominent instance of Physical Web™ in your creative
  • Do modify the logo’s foreground color, background color, and size
  • Do use the logo in conjunction with the Physical Web name, or as a standalone logo
  • Do use the Physical Web name and/or logo to indicate that a nearby device is broadcasting Eddystone-URL advertisement packets, e.g. on your visual advertisements or in your coffee shop
  • Don’t modify the dimensions of the logo or distort it
  • Don’t combine the Physical Web logo with other logos, including your own
  • Don’t put “Google” before or after the Physical Web name or associate “Google” directly with the Physical Web logo

    • Incorrect: "Google’s Physical Web”
    • Incorrect: "Physical Web from Google”
    • Correct: Just use the Physical Web logo with TM only (nothing else required)
    • Correct: "Physical Web, an open web discovery layer built on top of Eddystone-URL”
  • Don’t use Google or Android logos on product pages where the Physical Web name or logo appear

You may display, modify according to the above rules, or use the Physical Web name and logo only in connection with compliant implementations of Eddystone-URL and compliant implementations of the Physical Web. A compliant implementation of Eddystone-URL is a Bluetooth Low Energy device that broadcasts advertisement packets according to the unmodified Eddystone-URL specification found in the corresponding GitHub repository. A compliant implementation of the Physical Web is software that scans for Eddystone-URL advertisement packets and presents results to the user that directly correspond to these scanned packets.

Use of the Physical Web name or logo in ways not expressly covered by this document is not allowed without written permission. For questions, please file an issue in the public Physical Web GitHub repository: