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Change Log


  • Added ability to use fixed push format when transcoding is required, but not low bandwidth
  • Added 720, 1080 and SOURCE (use video source resolution) options to FFMPEGTranscoder for fixed transcoding
  • Added SOURCE option to FPS that calculates GOP automatically and uses FPS of source videos
  • Added an option for Audio Channels. Does not allow a value greater than source audio
  • Fix for conversion to MKV. Removed Format substitution of "MATROSKA" -> "MATROSKA,WEBM"

Version 9.2.2 (2020-05-16)

  • Fixed MpegDeMux that crashed some MPEG2 playback (Windows)
  • Change service launcher (Windows) to support local JRE
  • Change watch ignore times from constants to properties
  • Tidy up warnings in VS2015 for data type conversions (Windows)
  • Fix for Hauppauge 885 tuners with Alt TS Capture Devices (Windows)
  • Change maximum number of BDA tuners from 2 to 4 (HVR-5525 has 3 BDA tuners)
  • Fix DirecTVSerialControl
  • Fix 64-bit service launcher (Windows)
  • Set default 1G heap for 64-bit (Windows)
  • Updates for OPTUS D1 transponder changes to DVB-S2
  • Fix: Schedules Direct EPG grabber failed to finish updating some satellite-based lineups
  • Added Forced as a property to SubpictureFormat
  • Added the ability to auto select forced subtitle track based on the default audio language
  • Added the ability to use a Plugin for format detection of media files instead of built in ffmpeg.
  • Added 2160p as a Pretty resolution to VideoFormat
  • Added HEVC as a supported media format

Version 9.2.1 (2019-03-23)

  • 64-bit AVI playback and music fixes (Windows)
  • Change: Whitelist LAV Audio and Video Decoders (Windows)
  • Change: SageTV7 STV system information will indicate 32/64 bit
  • Fix: Include Win10 in 'VISTA_OS' detection (Windows)
  • Change: New installation properties default video/dvd_video renderer is 'EVR'
  • Change: New installation properties default video/audio decoder are auto-detected
  • New: Add EXEMultiTunerPlugin, HCWIRBlaster & USB-UUIRT VS projects (Windows)
  • 64-bit code and VS project updates (Windows)
  • Enabled MSYS2/MinGW compile for FFMPEG-based projects (Windows)
  • Fix: IR interface hangs trying to send non-numeric (eg: 42-1-1) command.
  • Removed dependency on SDK6.1 (Windows)
  • Fix: Sage-x64 hang due to CableCARD tuners (Windows)
  • Fix: Add support for HVR-4400 and other 885 variants (Windows)

Version 9.1.10 (2018-10-13)

  • removed old bytes properties for episodeName and desc to resolve potential crashes

Version 9.1.9 (2018-05-18)

  • Byte based seeking support for MPEG files
  • update libhdhomerun to 20170930
  • Fixed bug where file modification time can get set incorrectly

Version 9.1.8 (2017-11-13) - windows only

  • HD-PVR2 video capture device: add ability to select multiple audio inputs (Windows)
  • HD PVR 60 video capture device: new device support (Windows)

Version 9.1.7 (2017-09-24)

  • Fix: add support for 2nd tuner of Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD usb tuner stick (Windows).
  • Changes in the STV set 2017081201 for the next SageTV release v9.1.7.0:
    • malore menus: Removed random misc adjectives after show titles; only display misc textafter the title if it is a star rating.
    • Removed Zap2it logo from System Information.
    • EPG Lineup configuration: Changed help text above option buttons, put Schedules Direct option at top of list, old built-in EPG option renamed as plugin option and moved down.
    • Fixed Music by Artist filtering issue resulting in 0 songs per artist after entering 2nd and subsequent chars.
    • Disabled access to YouTube, Google videos, and
    • Detailed Setup -> General: reworded the Sync System Clock option.
    • Detailed Setup -> Advanced: removed Debug Logging enable/disable option because it is always enabled now.
    • Configuration Wizard playback testing/configuration menu uses the "Default" decoder settings instead of SageTV MPEG decoders.
    • Detailed Setup -> Customize: renamed extra option to mark channels in guide with non-Zap2it channel IDs to refer to non-Tribune IDs.
    • Changed Zap2it text to Tribune elsewhere in the STV, since the EPG data fo the old built-in and new SD EPG data both ultimately come from Tribune.
  • Fix: resolved 'Grey-scale channel logos are green and half-width' for Windows releases (was fixed for linux in and newer)

Version 9.1.6 (2017-08-10)

  • Fix: Various fixes and cleanup on Linux Firewire and DVB.
  • Fix: Added support for all 4 tuners on the Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD tuner in Windows.
  • New: Add Schedules Direct lineup by ID.
  • Change: Removed ZZZ from Schedules Direct Regions because it doesn't do anything.
  • Fix: VOB and MP4 subtitles locking methods were not being called.
  • Fix: Fixes to HDHomeRun (and probably others) ATSC Scanning returning blank and garbled channels.
  • Fix: Reduced Schedules Direct person image import threads to 4 (including the execution thread) and added logging for when new threads are created for during the process.
  • Change: Removed unhelpful alias to original person log entries.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with Schedules Direct forcing a full airing re-import on stations that do not have a No Data airing.
  • Change: Lowered the priority of the Schedules Direct person image import threads.
  • Fix: Removed use of G1GC in Windows due to possible memory leak issues.

Version 9.1.5 (2017-06-19)

  • Fix: Carny throws a null pointer exception if a show has a null title.

Version 9.1.4 (2017-06-11)

  • Fix: Schedules Direct deleted lineups were not removed from accounts correctly.
  • Fix: When checking for existing lineups and a deleted lineup exists, a null pointer exception was thrown.
  • Change: The SRT subtitle monitoring thread now uses Pooler.
  • Fix: Index out of bounds exception while getting recommendations from Schedules Direct.

Version 9.1.3 (2017-05-30)

  • Fix: A missing space in an if test causes the Linux start script to fail.

Version 9.1.2 (2017-05-30)

  • Fix: Changed awk parsing to use sed to clean up the Java version check.
  • Fix: API methods GetFavoriteAirings() and GetPotentialFavoriteAirings() were returning all airings for keyword favorites.
  • New: Increased possible range for scheduling lookahead to 21 days. The default is still 14 days.
  • Fix: Removed check in Scheduler that was preventing a future airing beyond lookahead from being considered to resolve a conflict.
  • Fix: Fixed Carny not being marked prepped on startup when no agents exist.

Version 9.1.1 (2017-05-22)

  • Fix: Fixed a problem with awk parsing in Ubuntu

Version 9.1.0 (2017-05-22)

  • Fix: Transcoder crashing on Linux with signal 11.
  • New: Added new API method to get enabled and disabled favorites.
    • public Airing[] GetPotentialFavoriteAirings(Favorite Favorite);
  • Fix: Aliases without a non-alias would cause an NPE when searching.
  • Fix: Schedules Direct aliasing logic was applied backwards.
  • New: Carny is now multi-threaded and highly optimized.
  • New: Schedules Direct movie length is now imported.
  • New: Schedules Direct alternative channel logos can now be used by changing the property sdepg_core/use_alternate_logos=false to true.
    • This can also be changed in the UI via Setup > Detailed Setup > Customize > Use Alternative Schedules Direct Channel Logos.
  • New: Enabled G1GC String deduplication for Java versions 8 and 9.

Version 9.0.14 (2017-03-18)

  • New: Added new API methods for in progress sports tracking using Schedules Direct.
    • public boolean IsSDEPGServiceAvailable();
    • public boolean[] IsSDEPGInProgressSport(String[] ExternalIDs);
    • public int[] GetSDEPGInProgressSportStatus(String[] ExternalIDs);
  • New: Added editorials based on recommendations from Schedules Direct.
  • Fix: Radio stations in Schedules Direct guide data now retain their prepended zeros in the guide data.
  • Fix: Teams from Schedules Direct were being skipped because they do not have a person ID.

Version 9.0.13 (2017-01-19)

  • Fix: Schedules Direct was unable to distinguish between two lineups with the exact same name.
  • Fix: Added handling for an unknown regular expression Schedules Direct was providing for the postal code for a few countries. The code also now skips the check if it does not recognize the regex formatting.
  • Fix: Added better handling to Seeker when starting a recording and no directories are selectable for the desired encoder.
  • Force debug logging to always be on.
  • Fix: Watched calculation for movies with commercials is improved
  • Fix: Prevent freezing between programs when playing back on Windows (matches V7 behavior, although not ideal, avoids freezing)
  • New: Added more roles for Person objects.
  • New: Schedules Direct Person images are now imported.
  • New: Schedules Direct movie quality ratings are now a part of the bonus data.
  • Fix: Schedules Direct movie images are now prioritized to use box art first.
  • Fix: Schedules Direct now updates channels with No Data with previously saved hashes that happen to still be valid.
  • Fix: Startup now explicitly adds lucene-core-3.6.0.jar before loading the JARs folder to address a common upgrade issue.

Version 9.0.12 (2016-12-22)

  • New: Schedules Direct now includes teams as people for favorite scheduling.
  • New: SageTV server will no longer allow the server to go to sleep until video conversions are complete.
  • New: Updated DVB-S & DVB-T frequencies for New Zealand
  • New: Add STV support for enabling and disabling favorites
  • Fix: Schedules Direct was not returning the saved country in some cases.
  • Fix: Removed asterisks from password field when entering the password for Schedules Direct.
  • Fix: Fixed so that Ministry will not allow sleep while converting.
  • Fix: Allow mounting DVD iso images as non-root
  • Linux Placeshifter: Added AC3 support

Version 9.0.11 (2016-11-20)

  • Fix: Enable streams with valid PAT packets and invalid PMT packets to be able to be detected by the built in remuxer.
  • Fix: Linux tries a few more adapters when trying to get the primary server IP address.

Version 9.0.9 (2016-10-10)

  • Fix: GetSeriesID wasn't always returning a valid series ID
  • New: Added logic to Schedules Direct program categories to ensure Movie is the first category for programs that start with MV
  • Fix: Cleaned up the logic for determining when images from Schedules Direct should be in a Show or SeriesInfo object
  • Fix: Clarified in logging when we can't process anything currently because Schedules Direct is offline
  • Fix: Added random timeout when Schedules Direct token expires before getting a new token in case there are multiple SageTV servers using the same account

Version (2016-09-27)

  • Fix: Fixed plugin bug that caused some upgraded plugins to be in a corrupted state
  • Fix: Fixed bug in the EPG license detection logic

Version 9.0.8 (2016-09-22)

  • New: Added Schedules Direct EPG support as a core BETA feature

Version 9.0.7 (2016-08-10)

  • New: Added SageTVPluginsDev.d directory support (See SageTVPluginsDev README)
  • New: Added direct JAR linking in SageTV Plugin Manifest (ie, no need to repackage library plugins as .zip files)

Notes about incrementing versions for developers:

  • If you are the first to commit changes after a release, ensure that the following have been incremented beyond the last release:
    • MICRO_VERSION in sage/
  • If you make any changes to stvs/SageTV7/SageTV7.xml, ensure that the following are updated in the STV:
    • AddGlobalContext( "STVversionText", "August 12, 2017" )
      • This should match the date of the commit.
    • AddGlobalContext( "ThisSTVSetVersionNum", "2017081201" )
      • This should match the date of the commit and if there was more than one commit the same day, the last two digits should be incremented.
      • The format is YYYYMMDDVV.
      • YYYY is the year.
      • MM if the month number.
      • DD is the day of the month.
      • VV is the commit version for this date. This resets to 01 if the date changes.
    • STVVersion [=""]
      • This should start with MAJOR_VERSION.MINOR_VERSION.MICRO_VERSION in sage/
      • The last number should be incremented for each update of the STV for the MAJOR_VERSION.MINOR_VERSION.MICRO_VERSION SageTV release, starting with 0 for the first STV version of a new release.
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