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Traceur Compiler is an open source project. It is licensed using the Apache Software License 2.0. We appreciate pull requests, here are our guidelines:

  1. File a bug at (if there isn’t one already). If your patch is going to be large it might be a good idea to get the discussion started early. You can always email to discuss future work.
  2. Make sure that the bug references a strawman, an approved proposal or is in the latest ES6 spec draft at We will not accept language feature patches that are not on the track for future versions of JavaScript.
  3. Due to legal reasons, all contributors must sign a contributor license agreement, either for an individual or corporation, before a patch can be accepted.
  4. Add an entry to the AUTHORS file with your name and email.
  5. Please use the google javascript style,
  6. The file .editorconfig includes editor settings matching the source style.
  7. We will squash all the commits together before pushing. The pull request message body will be used as the commit message.

Committers will use 'pulley' created from the codereview-tweaks branch of (Build by using git clone / git checkout codereview-tweaks / grunt / sudo npm install -g .)