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# This is an example configuration file for the Google Ads API Ruby client
# library.
# Please fill in the required fields and copy it to your home directory. do |c|
# These fields are required to make any API call
c.client_id = 'INSERT_CLIENT_ID_HERE'
c.client_secret = 'INSERT_CLIENT_SECRET_HERE'
c.refresh_token = 'INSERT_REFRESH_TOKEN_HERE'
c.developer_token = 'INSERT_DEVELOPER_TOKEN_HERE'
# These fields are required only in some circumstances
# Required for manager accounts only: Specify the login customer ID used to
# authenticate API calls. This will be the customer ID of the authenticated
# manager account. If you need to use different values for this field, then
# make sure fetch a new copy of the service after each time you change the
# value.
# c.login_customer_id = 'INSERT_LOGIN_CUSTOMER_ID_HERE'
# Logging-related fields. If you want to specify your own custom logger, then
# call client.logger = your_logger, which will override all these options and
# use your custom logger instead, exactly as you configured it.
# By default, only log warnings or errors. You can change this to 'INFO' to
# log all requests and responses from the server.
# Valid values are 'FATAL', 'ERROR', 'WARN', 'INFO', and 'DEBUG'
c.log_level = 'WARN'
# The location where you want the logs to be recorded. This will be passed
# along to the logger.
# You can provide a filename as a String, an IO object like STDOUT or STDERR,
# or an open file.
c.log_target = STDOUT