Terminal emulator for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
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A terminal emulator for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), includes mintty, wslbridge, cbwin, and some other useful tools.



More screenshots.


  1. Download here.

  2. Run open-wsl.exe to open a WSL terminal in current directory (need to be on a local NTFS volume, more details).

  3. Run tools/add-open-wsl-here-menu.js to add a Open WSL Here context menu to explorer.exe (run tools/remove-open-wsl-here-menu.js to remove it). If you are using Total Commander, read Use wsl-terminal with Total Commander.

  4. run-wsl-file.exe can run any .sh (and any others like .py/.pl/.php) script files in wsl-terminal, support Open With context menu in explorer.exe.

  5. vim.exe can open any text files in vim (in wsl-terminal), support Open With context menu in explorer.exe. vim.exe can be renamed to emacs.exe/nvim.exe/nano.exe/... to open files in emacs/nvim/nano/....

Configuration files

etc/wsl-terminal.conf is wsl-terminal config file.

title="        "

usr/share/mintty/themes/ are theme files, use themes.

etc/minttyrc is mintty config file, mintty tips.

Keyboard shortcuts

Alt + Enter: Fullscreen

Alt + F2: New window

Alt + F3: Search text

Ctrl + [Shift] + Tab: Switch window

Ctrl + =+/-/0: Zoom

Ctrl + Click: Open URL or dir/file under the cursor


    -a: activate an existing wsl-terminal window, if use_tmux=1, attach the running tmux session.
    -l: ignores current path and starts terminal in your home directory (doesn't work with tmux).

mintty params.

wslbridge params.

Known issues



Run build.bat, make sure wget/tar/xz-utils/gzip/unzip/p7zip-full (apt install wget tar xz-utils gzip unzip p7zip-full) are installed in WSL.


Cygwin DLL: https://cygwin.com/licensing.html

mintty: GPLv3+

wslbridge: MIT

cbwin: MIT

wsl-terminal: MIT