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package gorgonia
import (
var blasdoor sync.Mutex
var whichblas BLAS
// BLAS represents all the possible implementations of BLAS.
// The default is Gonum's Native
type BLAS interface {
// blas.Complex64
// blas.Complex128
// only blastoise.Implementation() and cubone.Implementation() are batchedBLAS -
// they both batch cgo calls (and cubone batches cuda calls)
type batchedBLAS interface {
WorkAvailable() <-chan struct{}
Close() error
// Use defines which BLAS implementation gorgonia should use.
// The default is Gonum's Native. These are the other options:
// Use(blastoise.Implementation())
// Use(cubone.Implementation())
// Use(cgo.Implementation)
// Note the differences in the brackets. The blastoise and cubone ones are functions.
func Use(b BLAS) {
// close the blast door! close the blast door!
// open the blast door! open the blast door!
defer blasdoor.Unlock()
// those lines were few of the better additions to the Special Edition. There, I said it. The Special Edition is superior. Except Han still shot first in my mind.
whichblas = b
// TODO:
// float32
// WhichBLAS returns the BLAS that gorgonia uses.
func WhichBLAS() BLAS { return whichblas }
func init() {
whichblas = gonum.Implementation{}