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5642fb4 Jun 20, 2016
@gotwarlost @davglass @ronkorving
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  • Handle ExportNamedDeclaration, thanks to @VictoryStick
  • Use tmpdir setting in temp store, thanks to @inversion
  • Set "medium" coverage CSS color scheme to yellow, thanks to @JamesMGreene
  • use os.tmpdir() instead of os.tmpDir(), thanks to @ChALkeR
  • Create new handlebars instance for the HTML report, thanks to @doowb
  • MetaProperty support thanks to @steve-gray
  • Use ansi colors from 16-color palette for better console support, thanks to @jtangelder
  • Misc doc/ css fixes thanks to @pra85, @abejfehr
0.4.2 Fix confusing error message on check-coverage failures, thanks to @isaacs/td>
  • Update esprima to 2.7.x, thanks to @ariya
  • Make table header clickable in HTML report, thanks to @iphands
  • Fix strict mode issues thanks to @kpdecker
  • update ignore code example for UMD, thanks to @pgurnee
  • misc build fixes, no user visible changes, thanks to @ariya
  • HTML report design, thanks a bunch to @tmcw
  • "loading config file" message on the console is now tied to the verbose state, thanks @asa-git
  • Add the `l` property to documentation, thanks @kitsonk
  • Updated dependencies to the latest
  • Fix broken es6 `super` support, thanks @sterlinghw
  • Improve readability via better lineHeight, thanks @dhoko
  • Adding ability to set custom block name in teamcity report, thanks @aryelu
  • Replaced deprecated util.puts with console.log, thanks @arty-name
v0.3.19 Fix instrumenter for multiple blank array positions, thanks @alexdunphy
v0.3.18 Upgrade esprima, get support for more ES6 features
v0.3.17 Upgrade esprima, get correct for-of support
  • upgrades to filset and async modules, thanks to @roderickhsiao, @popomore
  • updated text reporter so that it displays a list of the lines missing coverage, thanks @bcoe
  • Fix #375: add nodir option to exclude directory for *.js matcher thanks to @yurenju
  • Fix #362: When setting up the `reportDir` add it to `reporter.dir`
  • Fixes #238 (added a poorman's clone)
  • Incrementing hits on ignored statements implemented
  • `a:visited color: #777` (a nice gray color)
v0.3.14 Add text-lcov report format to emit lcov to console, thanks to @bcoe
v0.3.13 Fix #339
v0.3.12 Allow other-than-dot-js files to be hooked, thanks to @sethpollack
v0.3.11 Avoid modification of global objects, thanks to @dominykas
v0.3.10 Update escodegen to 1.6.x and add browser download script
  • Merge harmony branch and start adding ES6 features to istanbul
  • Arrow functions are the only feature of interest now
  • `for-of` and `yield` support exist but not present in mainline esprima yet
  • Fail check coverage command when no coverage files found, thanks to @nexus-uw
  • handle relative paths in check-coverage, thanks to @dragn
  • support explicit includes for cover, thanks to @tonylukasavage
v0.3.7 Fix asset paths on windows, thanks to @juangabreil
  • Update to Esprima 2.0
  • Remove YUI dependency and provide custom sort code. No network access needed for HTML report view
  • use supports-color module to colorize output, thanks to @gustavnikolaj
  • Fix tests to work on Windows, thanks to @dougwilson
  • Docs: "Instrument code" API example correction thanks to @robatron
  • Extracted embedded CSS and JavaScript and made them external files, thanks to @booleangate

Merge #275 - `--include-all-sources` option. Thanks @gustavnikolaj

The `--preload-sources` option is now deprecated and superseded by the `--include-all-sources` option instead. This provides a better coverage representation of the code that has not been included for testing.

v0.3.4 Merge #219 - Support reporting within symlink/junction. Thanks to @dougwilson
v0.3.3 Merge #268 - per file coverage enforcement. Thanks to @ryan-roemer
v0.3.2 Republish 0.3.1 because of bad shasum
v0.3.1 Fixes #249
v0.3.0 The *reports* release. **Potentially backwards-incompatible** if you are using undocumented features or custom report implementations.
  • Change report command line to support multiple reports, add back-compat processing with warnings
  • Enable `report` command to read report list from config, thanks to @piuccio
  • Support multiple reports for `cover` and `report` commands
  • Support per-report config options in configuration file
  • Turn reports into event emitters so they can signal `done`
  • Add `Reporter` class to be able to generate multiple reports
  • Add a bunch of API docs, refactor README
v0.2.16Make YUI links https-always since relative links break local filesystem use-case
v0.2.15make link protocols relative so they don't break on https connections (thanks to @yasyf)
v0.2.14Fix hook to deal with non-string/ missing filenames (thanks to @jason0x43), update dependencies
v0.2.13Add `--preload-sources` option to `cover` command to make code not required by tests to appear in the coverage report.
v0.2.12Text summary as valid markdown, thanks to @smikes
v0.2.11Allow source map generation, thanks to @jason0x43
v0.2.10Add flag to handle sigints and dump coverage, thanks to @samccone
v0.2.9Fix #202
v0.2.8Upgrade esprima
  • Upgrade esprima
  • Misc jshint fixes
  • Revert bad commit for tree summarizer
  • Add clover report, thanks to @bixdeng, @mpderbec
  • Fix cobertura report bug for relative paths, thanks to @jxiaodev
  • Run self-coverage on tests always
  • Fix tree summarizer when relative paths are involved, thanks to @Swatinem
  • Fix line-split algo to handle Mac lin separators, thanks to @asifrc
  • Update README for quick intro to ignoring code for coverage, thanks to @gergelyke
  • Add YAML config file. `istanbul help config` has more details
  • Support custom reporting thresholds using the `watermarks` section of the config file
v0.2.2update escodegen, handlebars and resolve dependency versions
  • Add ability to skip branches and other hard-to-test code using comments. See the doc for more details
  • Turn `util.error` into `console.error` for node 0.11 compatibility, thanks to @pornel
  • Add --preserve-comments to instrumenter options, thanks to @arikon
  • Support 'use strict;' in file scope, thanks to @pornel
Up minor version due to the new way in which the global object is accessed. This _should_ be backwards-compatible but has not been tested in the wild.
v0.1.46Fix #114
v0.1.45Add teamcity reporter, thanks to @chrisgladd
v0.1.44Fix inconsistency in processing empty switch with latest esprima, up deps
v0.1.43Add colors to text report thanks to @runk
v0.1.42fix #78: embed source regression introduced in v0.1.38. Fix broken test for this
v0.1.41add json report to dump coverage object for certain use cases
v0.1.40forward sourceStore from lcov to html report, pull request by @vojtajina
v0.1.39add tag to cobertura report, pull request by @jhansche
  • factor out AST instrumentation into own instrumentASTSync method
  • always set function declaration coverage stats to 1 since every such declaration is "executed" exactly one time by the compiler
v0.1.37--complete-copy flag contrib from @kami, correct strict mode semantics for instrumented functions
v0.1.36real quiet when --print=none specified, add repo URL to package.json, add contributors
v0.1.35accept cobertura contrib from @nbrownus, fix #52
v0.1.34fix async reporting, update dependencies, accept html cleanup contrib from @mathiasbynens
v0.1.33initialize global coverage object before running tests to workaround mocha leak detection
v0.1.32Fix for null nodes in array expressions, add @unindented as contributor
v0.1.31Misc internal fixes and test changes
v0.1.30Write standard blurbs ("writing coverage object..." etc.) to stderr rather than stdout
v0.1.29Allow --post-require-hook to be a module that can be `require`-d
v0.1.28Add --post-require-hook switch to support use-cases similar to the YUI loader
v0.1.27Add --hook-run-in-context switch to support RequireJS modules. Thanks to @millermedeiros for the pull request
v0.1.26Add support for minimum uncovered unit for check-coverage. Fixes #25
v0.1.25Allow for relative paths in the YUI loader hook
v0.1.24Add lcov summaries. Fixes issue #20
v0.1.23Add ability to save a baseline coverage file for the instrument command. Fixes issue #19
v0.1.22Add signature attribute to cobertura method tags to fix NPE by the Hudson publisher
v0.1.21Add cobertura XML report format; exprimental for now
v0.1.20Fix HTML/ lcov report interface to be more customizable for middleware needs
v0.1.19make all hooking non-destructive in that already loaded modules are never reloaded. Add self-test mode so that already loaded istanbul modules can be unloaded prior to hooking.
v0.1.18Add option to hook in non-destructive mode; i.e. the require cache is not unloaded when hooking
v0.1.17Export some more objects; undocumented for now
v0.1.16Fix npm keywords for istanbul which expects an array of strings but was being fed a single string with keywords instead
v0.1.15Add the 'check-coverage' command so that Istanbul can be used as a posttest script to enforce minimum coverage
v0.1.14Expose the experimental YUI load hook in the interface
v0.1.13Internal jshint cleanup, no features or fixes
v0.1.12Give npm the README that was getting inadvertently excluded
v0.1.11Merge pull request #14 for HTML tweaks. Thanks @davglass. Add @davglass and @nowamasa as contributors in `package.json`
v0.1.10Fix to issue #12. Do not install `uncaughtException` handler and pass input error back to CLI using a callback as opposed to throwing.
v0.1.9Attempt to create reporting directory again just before writing coverage in addition to initial creation
v0.1.8Fix issue #11.
v0.1.7Add text summary and detailed reporting available as --print [summary|detail|both|none]. summary is the default if nothing specified.
v0.1.6Handle backslashes in the file path correctly in emitted code. Fixes #9. Thanks to @nowamasa for bug report and fix
v0.1.5make object-utils.js work on a browser as-is
v0.1.4partial fix for issue #4; add titles to missing coverage spans, remove negative margin for missing if/else indicators
v0.1.3Set the environment variable running_under_istanbul to 1 when that is the case. This allows test runners that use istanbul as a library to back off on using it when set.
v0.1.2HTML reporting cosmetics. Reports now show syntax-colored JS using `prettify`. Summary tables no longer wrap in awkward places.
v0.1.1Fixes issue #1. HTML reports use sources embedded inside the file coverage objects if found rather than reading from the filesystem
v0.1.0Initial version
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