govCMS Release Schedule and Roadmap

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This document is currently a working Draft.


This project uses Github Milestones to manage releases. Bugs and feature requests are assigned to Milestones with a due date to help shape a near term roadmap and release schedule. Every Wednesday, govCMS Maintainers meet to:

  • Review Pull Requests and Issues marked in the next due milestone. PRs that have satisfied their review will be merged. Those that do not will be pushed out to the next milestone (which is generally due the following week).
  • Triage the issue queue and attempt to prioritise them into milestones which we think are reasonable timeframes for the issue to be completed.
  • Identify issues that require a broader governance discussion with stakeholders outside of the github community. The maintainers act as stakeholder advocates to the community.
  • Create new milestones and their anticipated release date.


The objective of this approach is to:

  • Release often, release early. This provides contributors with a weekly target to work against to get their contributions into a nearby release.
  • Ensure govCMS stakeholders are being given visibility into key issues for consideration while minimizing any impact that has to change control velocity.

This approach does not guarantee or commit govCMS to deliver features or bug fixes to a timeframe set by the milestone. Whether a PR is accepted into a milestone release depends on whether the change has been adequately written and satisfies any governance concerns around the change. This approach aims to help fast track but cannot guarantee issue resolution in the allotted milestone timeframe.

Release Schedule

The release schedule will aim to be a weekly one taking place over Wednesday and Thursday.

Activity Day
Review milestone release Wednesday
Accept PRs into release Wednesday
Identify candidate changes for next weeks release Wednesday
Roll security updates (if applicable) Thursday
Cut release Thursday
Push tag to github Thursday
Publish release on Thursday
Deploy to SaaS staging platform Thursday
Advocate issues to stakeholders for next release Thursday
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