fpGUI Toolkit is a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal
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fpGUI information
 This version of fpGUI is based on a implementation where every
 widget has a window handle. In other words every widget is actually
 an embedded window inside a top-level window (aka Form).

 If you wanted to look at the old design of fpGUI - the one based on
 a single handle per Form - then create a local branch based on the
 tag 'single_handle_fpgui', or the slightly newer branch called 

 Release v0.5 and later is the new design (multi-handle implementation).
 It was a complete rewrite of the code.

To install FPC under Debian/Ubuntu
 Select the fpc.deb metapackage, which depends on a number of sub-packages
 containing the compiler, the units and so on. The 'libc' unit provided by
 FPC is included in the fp-units-i386.deb package, which is however marked
 as "deprecated" by the Ubuntu package manager and is therefore *not*
 installed by default using fpc.deb.

 The following command will set up FPC under Ubuntu in order to be used with

   sudo apt-get install fpc fp-units-i386

How to compile fpGUI
 Please see the INSTALL.txt file for detailed instructions.

System requirements under Linux
To be able to compile and link fpGUI based applications you need to install
the following library dependencies. The packages will pull in all the other
required packages too.

  $ sudo apt-get install libX11-dev
  $ sudo apt-get install libXft-dev

  On some Linux systems (eg: Ubuntu 17.04) those package names are now
  in all lower-case.

    $ sudo apt-get install libx11-dev
    $ sudo apt-get install libxft-dev

System requirements under *BSD, OpenSolaris
Pretty much the same as under Linux.

 - Graeme Geldenhuys -