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<project name='database-migration-jaxb' default='package'>
<condition property='grails' value='grails.bat'>
<os family='windows' />
<property name='grails' value='grails' />
<macrodef name='grails'>
<attribute name='action' />
<attribute name='environment' default='dev' />
<element name='args' optional='true' />
<exec executable='${grails}' failonerror='true'>
<args />
<arg value='@{environment}' />
<arg value='@{action}' />
<target name='clean' description='Cleans generated resources'>
<grails action='clean' />
<delete><fileset dir='.' includes='*.log*' /></delete>
<delete><fileset dir='target' includes='*.log*' /></delete>
<mkdir dir='grails-app/conf/spring' />
<target name='test' description='Run unit tests' depends='clean'>
<delete file='target/stacktrace.log' />
<delete dir='target/cli-output' />
<delete dir='target/testdb' />
<grails action='test-app' environment='test' />
<delete dir='target/cli-output' />
<delete dir='target/testdb' />
<target name='package' description='Package the plugin'
depends='test, doPackage, post-package-cleanup' />
<target name='doPackage'>
<grails action='package-plugin' />
<target name='post-package-cleanup' description='Deletes unneeded folders'>
<delete dir='grails-app/conf/hibernate' />
<delete dir='grails-app/conf/spring' />
<delete dir='grails-app/controllers' />
<delete dir='grails-app/domain' />
<delete dir='grails-app/i18n' />
<delete dir='grails-app/services' />
<delete dir='grails-app/taglib' />
<delete dir='grails-app/utils' />
<delete dir='grails-app/views' />
<delete dir='lib' />
<delete dir='scripts' />
<delete dir='test/unit' />
<delete dir='web-app' />
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