defaultPackage ignored in application.groovy on 3.1.7 #10005

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This is using Grails 3.1.7 on JDK8 on Windows 8.1. Initially reported on StackOverflow:

The configuration setting grails.codegen.defaultPackage does not take effect when in application.groovy as such:

grails {
    profile = "web"
    codegen {
        defaultPackage = 'com.madeupname.web'
            proxies = false

The app name is not used as a default, either:

| Enter a command name to run. Use TAB for completion:
grails> create-controller ThingController
| Created grails-app/controllers/@artifact.package.path@/ThingController.groovy
| Created src/test/groovy/@artifact.package.path@/ThingControllerSpec.groovy

If you place this in application.yml, it works:

        defaultPackage: com.madeupname.web

While it's clear that YAML is the default, the Grails configuration docs describe it as "an alternative format," suggesting that everything should still work in application.groovy.

If that's not the case, the docs should be updated to strike that phrase and include a list of configuration settings that only work in application.yml.


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graemerocher Jun 21, 2016


Currently on application.yml is parsed by the command line


graemerocher commented Jun 21, 2016

Currently on application.yml is parsed by the command line

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