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Android Code Style

Code formatting rules for Android Studio


Installation on your local machine

Automatically (the easiest way)

Just run the install script. It will automatically copy the latest Code Style to each existing AndroidStudio and AndroidStudioPreview version you have installed.

You can also install it directly into an Android Project by running


Note: Before you commit the changes to git make sure you have opened AS/IntelliJ already. The IDE will slightly change the XML after the coping.

Manually (the hard way)

  1. Copy the grandcentrix.xml into (MacOS) ~/Library/Preferences/AndroidStudio{VERSION}/codestyles/ or (Linux) ~/.AndroidStudio{VERSION}/config/codestyles/
  2. Restart AndroidStudio
  3. Select the codestyle scheme via Preferences --> Editor --> Code Style.

The codestyle will be enabled/used for all projects that are used with AndroidStudio!

Enabling project specific code styles for a project

If the codestyle is added to the git repository and IntelliJ is configured accordingly each project can have it's own style.

  1. Install the grandcentrix.xml locally (see above)
  2. Restart AndroidStudio
  3. In AndroidStudio, go to Preferences --> Code style
  4. Open the scheme manager by clicking on Manage...
  5. Select the code style and click Copy to project
  6. In the scheme drop down select Project

Finally add the code style to the git repository:

git add -f .idea/codestyles/Project.xml .idea/codestyles/codeStyleConfig.xml


To contribute just change the code style locally to your needs. Then you can create a PR to this repository.

The PR should always contain:


CC0 1.0 Universal