Assets 7

Released v0.7.6.2

❗️ This is mandatory update. Please upgrade your wallets, masternodes, mining pools and exchanges.

  • Higher MN required collateral: 5000 GMC
  • Block reward: 12 (starting with 60519 height)
  • Increased minimal masternode protocol version
  • Prepared network for more smoother transition

To upgrade desktop wallet:

  • Just download and run recent version.

To upgrade existing masternode:

  1. Connect to your masternode server (under user with sudo/root privileges). Then run:
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
  1. Wait for "Masternode upgrade complete!" message.
  2. Go to your local wallet, which you're using with masternodes.conf. Open masternodes.conf.
  3. Comment-out your current masternodes at masternodes.conf. It would make those inputs spendable again.
  4. Close your local wallet. Open your local wallet datadir folder:
    On Windows: C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Roaming\GrandMasterCoinCore
    On MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/GrandMasterCoinCore/
    On Linux: ~/.grandmastercoincore/
  5. Remove those files: mncache.dat, mnpayments.dat and peers.dat
  6. Reopen your local wallet.
  7. Prepare 5000 GMC and send it to any your own new address. Wait for ~15 confirmations.
  8. Open Debug console, run: masternode outputs
  9. Use those outputs to replace outputs at masternodes.conf. Save it.
  10. Restart your local wallet. Wait until it's completely synced (around ~2min).
  11. Select your masternodes from Masternode tab and start them.

To upgrade mining pools:

  1. Stop GMC node and stratum.
  2. Replace binary.
  3. Remove mncache.dat, mnpayments.dat and peers.dat (to catch MN-related metadata from recent nodes).
  4. Upgrade your pool's reward settings.
  5. Run GMC node. Wait until mnsync is finished, then run stratum.

To upgrade exchanges:

  • Just replace binary and restart GMC node.