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v5.3.1 - 2021-02-04


  • Natural Earth URL changed to directly point at the NACIS CDN (#4306)
  • Added an option to the external data loader to grant SELECT permissions on the tables (#4307)

v5.3.0 - 2021-01-28

Major Changes

  • External shapefiles for coastline and other data are now loaded into the database with a provided script. (#4092)
  • The recommended indexes are now required. Attempting to render without them will result in abysmal performance.


  • amenity=embassy is no longer rendered, and office=diplomatic with diplomatic=embassy or diplomatic=consulate is instead (#4168)
  • Mini-roundabouts are rendered like a turning circle (#4218)
  • There is a new partial index for waterways

v5.2.0 - 2020-05-8


  • Add rendering for man_made=goods_conveyor (#4102)
  • Tunnel style rendering of waterway=canal with tunnel=flooded (#4087)
  • Remove rendering of residential, unclassified, cycleway, path, track highway areas (#4096)
  • Remove rendering of protect_class = 7, 24, 97, 98, 99 boundary=protected_area features (#4113)
  • Move place=square to amenity-points layer with placenames text style from z17 (#4085)
  • Change wetland pattern initial zoom level back to z10 (#4094)
  • Render bare_rock pattern from z13, same as shingle and scree (#4072)
  • Restore admin-text rendering for admin_level 3 to 5 (#4126)
  • Move aerialways and amenity-line layers text labels to text-line layer (#4107)
  • Fix python3 installation for Docker (#4125)

v5.1.0 - 2020-04-10


  • Remove way_area filtering for low zoom water (#4060)
  • Move small amenities to z18 (#4044)
  • Rework admin-boundaries to show admin_level=5/6/7 sooner but admin_level=10 later (#4100)
  • Add rendering for addr:flats (#4082)
  • Add rendering for man_made=pipeline ways (#4070)
  • Add line rendering plus name labels for ridges and aretes (#3767)
  • Add rendering for landuse=salt_pond (#4059)
  • Remove power=sub_station/station rendering, add power=plant fill color (#4088)
  • Remove icon for shop=ice_cream (#4093)
  • Remove information=tactile_model rendering (#4086)
  • Remove duplicate selection of natural = cave_entrance, peak, volcano, saddle (#4068)
  • Move natural=spring back to amenity-points layer (#4069)
  • Change quarry outline to 10% darkened quarry color (#4063)
  • Change bridge-text way_pixels minimum and maximum (#4066)
  • Update Dockerfile keyserver URL for osmadmins PPA (#4079)
  • Code clean-ups (#4080, #4081, #4083, #4099)

v5.0.0 - 2020-03-18

Major changes

  • Update Lua tag transforms. (#4032) Linestring and polygon decisions have changed and a database reload is required for this update.


  • Added upper way_area limits to most features using ST_PointOnSurface to avoid performance problems from large polygons (#4042)
  • Moved MSS files into their own directory (#4047)
  • Update index for route=ferry (#3909)
  • Removed rendering of power=cable features (#4045)
  • Removed overlay pattern for natural=sand (#3855)
  • Reduced landcover fading at mid-low zoom levels (#3952)
  • Update scripts to use Python3 (#4062, #4029, #4033)

v4.25.0 - 2020-02-01


  • Remove rendering of barrier=embankment (#4010)

    Embankments are now commonly tagged with man_made=embankment or man_made=dyke

  • Remove rendering of barrier=kerb (#3969)

    This feature is not similar to common barriers (fences and walls)

  • Remove boundary=protected_area fill color at low zoom levels (#3887)

    Also changes protected area line and text to new @protected-area

  • Remove polygon fill rendering for barrier=hedge areas (#3844)

    This makes the rendering consistent between walls and hedges as areas

  • Remove operator text label for most amenity=vending_machine (#3965)

    Operator= label is still rendered for vending=public_transport_tickets

  • Add svg icon for parking=multi-storey + amenity=parking_entrance (#3599)

  • Fix syntax of font list and enable Armenian font (#3989)

  • Use ST_PointOnSurface for bridge names (#3902)

  • Use ST_PointOnSurface for text-poly-low-zoom (#3921)

  • Use ST_PointOnSurface for roads-area-text-name (#3932)

  • Use ST_PointOnSurface for junctions (#3933)

  • Use text-dy for wind generators only, not for other power=generator features (#3964)

Minor code clean-ups:

  • Remove way_pixels selection from bridge layer (#3950)
  • Remove name from SQL select when unused (#3947)
  • Combine line-barriers and area-barriers layers into one

v4.24.1 - 2019-10-28


  • Revert PR #3930 which added river-color (#3955)

v4.24.0 - 2019-10-25


  • Create darker river-color for river & canal areas and waterway lines (#3930)

    The color of river, canal, ditch and drain waterway lines and river and canal areas is changed to #8fcadd (Lch78,21,227)

  • Fix rendering of water body labels (#3919)

    Restores rendering of water body labels on points (node features) Fixes rendering of natural=bay to use italic font at all z levels Cleans up duplicate natural=strait code in water.mss

  • Precedence of junctions over POIs (#3915)

    Junction=yes, =motorway and man_made=bridge labels now render before amenity-points This prevents icons from blocking the display of these text labels

  • Remove rendering of waterway=wadi (#3931)

    The tag waterway=wadi is deprecated, suggested replacement: waterway=river/stream + intermittent=yes OR natural=valley

  • Move parking to amenity-points layers, change way_pixels limit and initial zoom level (#3923)

    Moved parking features back to amenity-points layers Changed parking text intial zoom to z14, as planned in PR #3612 Change way_pixels limit for parking icon (750) and text (3000)

  • Don't use classes anymore (#3912)

  • Convert state & country layers to ST_PointOnSurface (#3920)

  • Convert addresses to use ST_PointOnSurface (#3898)

  • Apply bbox to part of "addresses" query (#3942)

    The 4 changes above are needed to allow use of vector tiles ST_PointOnSurface is used to generate a point for labeling Classes are removed, replaced with the layer id

  • Documentation updates (#3911) & (#3910)

  • Code clean-up (#3899) & (#3922)

    Document inner line rendering, update docker documentation Clean-up text-placement / marker-placement, remove natural=marsh

v4.23.0 - 2019-9-20


  • Combine low priority layers using ST_PointOnSurface (#3874) Fixes a bug which rendered parking icons twice
  • Restore rendering of landcover text labels on points (#3878)
  • Adjust aerodrome initial & final zoom levels (#3879)
  • Adjust width of hedge & citywall up to z20, adjust hedge color (#3847)
  • Increase office= initial zoom to z18 and move some values to z19 (#3796)
  • Create new layer for ref of highway=residential/unclassified/track (#3709) Changes ref to standard halo-radius, oblique font, and same size as name at >z17
  • Add fill colors for wetland=mangrove/saltmarsh/reedbed (#3807) Also adds salt dots pattern for wetland=saltmarsh

v4.22.0 - 2019-08-27


  • Shop label fixes and use ST_PointOnSurface for building label placement (#3781)

    This fixes some bugs and makes building label placement consistent with shop label placement.

  • Use cache-feature: true to improve performance of layers with attachments (#3838)

  • Use retail colour fill on malls (#3790)

  • Drop highway=steps from zoom 13 (#3825)

    This makes step rendering consistent with footways

  • Render place=locality from zoom 16 (#3749)

    This fits current usage of the tag and what it is normally tagged on.

  • Render natural=bay from linear ways (#3754)

  • Render administrative boundary labels from relations only (#3762)

  • Stop rendering natural=marsh (#3829)

    It is recommended marshes are tagged with natural=wetland + wetland=marsh

  • Use a whitelist for barrier rendering, and render historic=citywalls like barrier=city_wall. (#3745)

  • Support new Tibetan font name (#3842)

    Noto has renamed Noto Sans Tibetan to Noto Serif Tibetan. The old name is still supported.

  • Add adjustments for highway=motorway and highway=service width at z20 (#3763)

  • Code cleanups to increase reuse and improve consistency (#3735, #3760, #3771, #3773, #3774)

v4.21.0 - 2019-05-01

Major changes

  • Removed unused world_boundaries-spherical.tgz file from scripts

    This file can be safely removed and has not been used for some time.

  • Switch to for water & icesheet shapefiles

    The script will handle the change automatically, but if manually downloading or using a different method, you will need to adjust paths.

  • Change from land to ocean polygons and render water areas above landcover

  • Started using ST_PointOnSurface for some label placements

    These changes are part of an effort to make it easier for forks using a vector tile architecture as well as reducing the duplication among POI layers. Some load has been shifted from Mapnik to the database.

  • Adjusted index for military areas

    The query was adjusted last version but the index was missed. The old planet_osm_polygon_military can be removed, and for servers in use, the new one can be taken from the scripts/ --concurrent output.


  • Adjusted starting zooms for labeling of administrative areas.

    The new zooms are based on admin_level and size.

  • Revert rendering of healthcare key

    The original PR which implemented this had technical issues that prevented it from working properly.

  • Stop place some place labels when the objects become too big or at high zooms.

  • Only render capes as points and render them like other points.

  • Only render ferry lines from ways, not relations

  • Improved developer internal documentation

v4.20.0 - 2019-02-15


  • Progressive lightening major buildings fill and outline (#3659)
  • Adding rendering for aboriginal areas (#3521)
  • Dropping rendering of leisure=common (#3619)
  • Adding missing oneway arrows for tracks and paths (#3614)
  • Changing way_pixels limit to 750 for protected_area boundaries (#3661)
  • Adding rendering for ref of track roads (#3654)
  • Improving rendering of text labels on admin and nature-reserve borders (#3652)
  • Changing way_pixels calculation to use scale_denominator (#3657)
  • Fixing layering order for construction=* highway categories (#3646)
  • Reducing saturation of pitch outline color (#3658)
  • roads-text-ref-low-zoom: remove unused SQL CASE conditions in ORDER BY (#3680)

v4.19.0 - 2019-01-18


  • Adding rendering for boundary=protected_area (#3509)
  • Nature reserve boundaries revision (#3574)
  • Adding support of amenity=vending_machine (#3601)
  • Adding more barrier icons (#3602)
  • Changing allotments color and adding outline (#3625)
  • Reducing priority of tourism=attraction and rendering from z17 (#3603)
  • Changing tourism outline color (#3582)
  • Making country borders thicker at z8 and z9 (#3563)
  • Rendering parking from z14 (#3612)
  • Starting to render most patterns at z13 instead of z14 (#3610)
  • Changing zoom level and text size for place=hamlet (#3626)
  • Rendering airport gate refs black instead of purple (#3620)
  • Updating zoom levels by height for masts, towers and telescopes (#3536)
  • Hiding underground parking (#3600)
  • Rendering ref of minor roads more than once (#3627)
  • Adjusting width of highway=construction (#3580)
  • Selecting only motorway_link to tertiary_link as link (#3567)
  • Reducing tertiary-link width (#3570)
  • Changing certain amenity icons to grey (#3586)
  • Converting springs to use ST_PointOnSurface and reformatting SQL (#3233)
  • Adding "religious-icon" as color variable for #000000 (#3642)
  • Adding "barrier-icon" color variable in #3f3f3f for barriers (#3643)
  • Fixing inconsistency of leisure=ice_rink (#3598)
  • Fixing label opacity for tourism features (#3616)
  • Reverting lowzoom nobuilding test change (#3622)
  • Removing trailing whitespace (#3637)

v4.18.0 - 2018-12-21


  • Adding rendering for healthcare tag scheme
    • Changing hospital icon
    • Changing healthcare color to red
  • Changing natural=scrub color
  • Changing landuse=allotments color and pattern
  • Adding rendering for natural=cape
  • Rendering leisure=ice_rink
  • Adding rendering for man_made=crane
  • Adding icons for shop=fabric and shop=carpet
  • Updating icons for amenity=arts_centre, leisure=slipway, amenity=restaurant/amenity=food_court and man_made=storage_tank/man_made=silo
  • Using dedicated icon for artwork_type=bust
  • Rendering railway pattern on z12
  • Showing labels of big states (like Alaska)
  • Moving railway=tram_stop and station=subway later
  • Adding rendering for more private POIs
  • Removing smoothing in leisure=track and attraction=water_slide
  • Using subway bridge style for subway construction bridges
  • Rendering wind turbines names and other tweaks
  • Changing man_made gray and text color, making text-dy uniform
  • Small documentation and code fixes

v4.17.0 - 2018-11-23


  • Showing natural areas from z5
  • Cleaning up medium zoom rendering, including:
    • Making societal amenities look like residential on z10-z12
    • Rendering motorway junction names from z13 instead of z12
    • Dropping buildings up to z13 instead of z12
    • Correctly dropping minor waterways from z13
    • Rendering intermittent streams/ditches/drains from z15
    • Reducing lightening of tramways
  • Rendering religious landuse and place of worship lighter
  • Adding text-repeat-distance for highway names
  • Rendering dots for gastronomy objects on z17
  • Changing icon for tourism=artwork
  • Adding icons for memorial subtags
  • Rendering man_made=telescope
  • Rendering amenity=internet_cafe
  • Adding icon for amenity=public_bookcase
  • Adding icons for barrier=cattle_grid and barrier=stile
  • Adding icon for leisure=fishing
  • Rendering entrance for underground parking
  • Rendering basin=detention/infiltration as intermittent water
  • Tweaking outline of swimming pools and rendering it from z17
  • Moving danger_area into landuse-overlay
  • Buildings code rewrite

v4.16.0 - 2018-10-19


  • Changing societal amenities color to less intensive
  • Adding rendering for natural=strait
  • Adding rendering for leisure=track on lines
  • Adding icon for amenity=vehicle_inspection
  • Adding icon for leisure=sports_centre + sport=swimming and leisure=swimming_area
  • Adding icon for tourism=gallery
  • Changing color for aeroway=apron in aerodromes
  • Moving amenity=post_box to z19+
  • Moving amenity=atm to z19+
  • Replacing icon for information=tactile_model
  • Ordering amenity_lines by layer
  • Small documentation and code fixes

v4.15.0 - 2018-09-21


  • Changing gastronomy objects color to orange (affects restaurant, fast_food, ice_cream, food_court, bar, cafe, nightclub, pub and biergarten)
  • Changing farmland and societal amenities (like school, hospital etc.) colors to fit better into the overall color systematic
  • Adding rendering for man_made=wastewater_plant and man_made=water_works
  • Adding icon for man_made=storage_tank and man_made=silo
  • Adding icon for amenity=bicycle_repair_station
  • Adding icon for leisure=amusement_arcade
  • Adding icon for shop=bookmaker
  • Adding icon for shop=trade and shop=wholesale
  • Adding rendering for attraction=water_slide
  • Rendering most of the road links thinner (affects trunk_link, primary_link, secondary_link)
  • Moving manors to z16+
  • Fixing missing country labels on z4 (affects Canada, Russia and Greenland)
  • Small code and icon fixes

v4.14.0 - 2018-08-17


  • Added text-repeat-distance for waterways
  • Added text-repeat-distance for railways
  • Added icon for leisure=bowling_alley
  • Added icon for leisure=outdoor_seating
  • Added icon for leisure=bird_hide
  • Added icon for shop=video
  • Added icon for shop=paint
  • Added icon for shop=massage
  • Increased casing width of tertiary road on z12
  • Standard text halo for fitness_centre and fitness_station
  • Updated Docker images definitions
  • Small documentation updates

v4.13.0 - 2018-07-23


  • Increased shield distances on roads
  • Added icon for shop=ticket
  • Added icon for shop=houseware
  • Added icon for shop=charity
  • Added icon for shop=second_hand
  • Added icon for shop=interior_decoration
  • Added icon for amenity=bureau_de_change
  • Added icon for amenity=casino
  • Added icon for amenity=boat_rental
  • Updated shop=department_store icon
  • Small documentation and code fixes

v4.12.1 - 2018-06-29


  • Stop rendering "surface" tag, which was causing breaking performance issues

v4.12.0 - 2018-06-22

Major changes

  • Dropped subpixel accuracy for areas, which includes tuning some database indexes. When deployed, it might speed up reading data.


  • Added rendering “surface” tag on roads with a pattern
  • More vertical objects rendering and tuning (man_made=tower types, man_made=chimney, man_made=communications_tower)
  • tourism=information types rendering and tuning (information=audioguide, board, guidepost, map, office, tactile_map, tactile_model and terminal)
  • Added rendering for place=quarter
  • Added rendering of historic=city_gate
  • Added rendering of lock_name
  • Ditch and drain name labels are rendered with some offset
  • Pixel aligned ford icon
  • Made amenity=shelter icon brown
  • Finer man_made=pier width rendering
  • Rendering living street tunnels different from residential
  • Added rendering of overground power=cable like power=line
  • Small documentation and code fixes

v4.11.0 - 2018-05-11


  • Fixed office/amenity conflict
  • Brightened built-up areas on z12
  • Refurbished natural=spring icon
  • Added rendering for amenity=police and amenity=fire_station areas
  • Added rendering of amenity=nursing_home
  • Added rendering of amenity=childcare
  • Added rendering of amenity=driving_school
  • Added area rendering for amenity=bus_station
  • Added area rendering of amenity=taxi
  • Made highway=traffic_signals icon less obtrusive
  • Moved barriers to higher zoom level
  • Hiding railway=platform with location=underground, tunnels and covered=yes
  • Small documentation and code fixes

v4.10.0 - 2018-04-20


  • Adding rendering for historic=castle and historic=manor
  • Adding rendering office=* as dots + names
  • Adding rendering for waterway=waterfall
  • Adding place=square name rendering for nodes
  • Adding rendering for big natural=bay
  • Adding rendering for leisure=beach_resort
  • Adding rendering for amenity=parking_space
  • Adding rendering of aerialway=zip_line
  • Adding rendering for shop=bed
  • Adding rendering for shop=video_games
  • Adding halo to roads on z6 and z7
  • Extending intermittent waterbody rendering to landuse=basin
  • Moving highway=mini_roundabout rendering to higher zoom level
  • Dropping waterway=derelict_canal rendering
  • Small documentation and code fixes

v4.9.0 - 2018-03-23

Major changes

  • A bug where closed ways with natural=cliff or natural=tree_row were not rendering has been fixed. This required fixing a transform bug. The fix will apply to all objects when they are created in OSM, but there is no migration for existing databases. Deployments will have to decide if the effects are serious enough to require them to reload the database.


  • Adding place=square name rendering
  • Adding rendering for different types of towers and masts
  • Making gardens to use grass color with plant nursery pattern
  • Adding rendering for intermittent water bodies
  • Give oceans outline and simplify shapefiles on z0-7
  • Simplify (generalize) admin borders
  • Move natural=grassland and landuse=meadow earlier
  • Start rendering aerialway name
  • Adding icons for amenity=bbq, amenity=shower, leisure=sauna and advertising=column
  • Adding special icons for shop=dairy, shop=medical_supply and shop=music
  • Move amenity=toilets to higher zoom levels
  • Fixing some SVG icons artifacts
  • Make military=danger_area font dark pink and slanted
  • Changing rendering for construction=steps to distinguish it from roads
  • Changing label colour of private parking
  • Small documentation and code fixes

v4.8.0 - 2018-02-23


  • Made military area rendering less prominent
  • Adding rendering for historic=wayside_shrine
  • Adding rendering for historic=fort
  • Adding rendering for amenity=public_bath
  • Adding rendering for shop=chocolate
  • Adding rendering for barrier=toll_booth (nodes)
  • Adding rendering barrier=log
  • Adding rendering for amenity=waste_disposal
  • Moving tourism-boundary under barrier layer
  • Docker: run osm2pgsql in slim mode
  • Fix operator precedence for hstore queries
  • Small documentation fixes

v4.7.1 - 2018-01-31


  • Fix rendering bug (#3043) with access=yes|permissive tags

v4.7.0 - 2018-01-26


  • Adding icon for tourism=apartment
  • Adding icon for leisure=firepit
  • Yellow background for amenity=arts_centre
  • Start rendering natural=heath earlier
  • Start rendering entrances
  • Changing tourism=picnic_site icon colour to green
  • Move emergency=phone to higher zoom level
  • Rendering seasonal waterways as intermittent
  • Update Noto fonts to Phase III
  • Fine-tuning of bridge labels
  • Documentation changes and updates

v4.6.0 - 2017-12-17


  • Change sports_centre and stadium color to light green
  • Change shades of green for landuse/leisure=recreation_ground and garden
  • Do not render glaciers and icesheets on z6 and z7
  • Do not render very small water areas on low zoom
  • Do not render small national parks and nature reserves
  • Do not render ferries on z7
  • Improve rendering for bus guideways
  • For built-up areas, replace the external data on z8 and z9 by OSM data
  • Do not render bicycle/motorbike parking icons to z17
  • Render community_centre and social_facility areas in light yellow

v4.5.0 - 2017-11-17

Major changes

  • Cleaning up low zoom levels (z5-z7):
    • Rendering roads from z6 instead of z5
    • Rendering national parks from z8 instead of z7
    • Rendering railways from z8 instead of z7
  • Changing parking color from yellow to gray


  • Unified rendering of leisure=fitness_station and leisure=fitness_centre
  • Rendering of military=bunker
  • Rendering all station buildings as major buildings
  • Text wrapping for station labels
  • Changing windmill color from amenity brown to man_made gray
  • Some other documentation and code changes

v4.4.0 - 2017-10-20

Major changes

  • Rendering inland water areas and labels from z0
  • Rendering island and islet labels earlier


  • Rendering of amenity=marketplace
  • Rendering of landuse=religious
  • Rendering shop=pastry like shop=confectionery
  • Rendering of addr:unit
  • Rendering natural=bare_rock earlier
  • Rendering elevation also on polygon alpine_hut and shelter
  • Introducing Noto Sans Arabic
  • Rendering icon for slipway ways
  • Better minimal distance between housenumbers
  • Moving aeroways to their own layer
  • Creating amenity POI categories
  • Some other documentation and code cleaning

v4.3.0 - 2017-09-16


  • Moving ford and emergency phone to a new tagging scheme
  • Moving natural=tree to higher zoom level (z18+)
  • Changing embassy color to brown
  • Rendering name for waterway=dock
  • The same line wrap of amenities for all zoom levels
  • Fixing combined railway/highway ordering regression
  • Fixing line wrapping bug in Docker
  • Some documentation and code cleaning
  • Improve ferry line text legibility
  • Hide small theme parks and zoos
  • Use solid lines for admin borders at low zooms

v4.2.0 - 2017-08-25

Major changes

  • Water color and default water text color are changed to be more visible
  • Medium zoom level (z8-z12) rework:
    • Landuses colors are faded and some of them are visible earlier
    • Most of the man related landuses are combined into one color and more visible
    • More important roads are better legible


  • Leaf type rendering in woods and forests
  • Cemetary symbols are not so dense now and muslim cemetary has its own symbol
  • Rendering of amenity=ferry_terminal
  • Plaque rendering is now different and moved to z19
  • Rendering railway labels
  • Smaller line spaces in labels
  • Junction names on areas
  • Area color for railway=station is the same as for railways
  • Database perfomance tuning available for Docker
  • Different patterns and all remaining icons moved to SVG
  • Some documentation and code cleaning

v4.1.0 - 2017-07-30


  • Malls are no longer rendered as dots (bug fix)
  • Special icon for shop=tyres
  • Airports rendering changes: removing clutter on z10 and moving name labels under the icon
  • Switching forest, scrub and quarry patterns to SVG
  • Introducing easy to use Docker-based development environment
  • New version of script
  • Small code and documentation improvements

v4.0.0 - 2017-05-22

Major changes

  • The database schema has changed from the osm2pgsql default. This requires a database reload.
  • osm2pgsql Lua transforms are used for some preprocessing. This requires osm2pgsql built with lua support, which most versions will have.


  • Old-style multipolygons (those with tags on the outer way instead of the relation) are no longer supported
  • Multipolygons composed of multiple areas are now rendered with one label
  • Fixes to various problems determining if an object is an area or not
  • CartoCSS 0.18.0 is required

v3.3.1 - 2017-05-22


  • Fix a regression in intermittent waterways

v3.3.0 - 2017-05-10


  • Most shops are now rendered as dots z17 to deal with overcrowding
  • Font selection is moved to its own file to make customization easier, and to make it easier for other styles to reuse our font work
  • Rare CJK characters outside the BMP should now render better
  • Waterway tunnels in forests and lakes are clearer

v3.2.0 - 2017-04-17


  • Render aeroway terminal buildings like other buildings
  • Removed rendering of landuse=farm
  • Added rendering for arts centre, fitness centre, plant nursery, mixed lift aerialways
  • Rendering for fens changed
  • Typography for point road-related features, addresses, and water features changed
  • Removed rendering of waterway=canal as an area
  • Take text properties of roads under construction from the type of road they will be

v3.1.0 - 2017-01-28


  • Added coffee shop rendering
  • Added health clinic rendering
  • Adjusted place label typography
  • Road shield rendering improvements
  • Internal code cleanups

v3.0.1 - 2016-12-22


  • Revert of junction area changes which were preventing index usage

v3.0.0 - 2016-12-21

Major Changes

  • Mapnik 3 is now required
  • CartoCSS 0.16.x is now required
  • Official Tilemill support is dropped
  • Shapefiles are downloaded with a new python script


  • Noto Naskh is now used for Arabic
  • Visual impact of campsites and quarries reduced below z13
  • Wilderness huts rendered
  • "ref" (reference) text of subway entrances rendered

v2.45.1 - 2016-12-03


  • Bug fix for tobacco shop and memorial icons

v2.45.0 - 2016-11-28


  • Render all shops without a specific icon as a dot, not just a whitelist
  • Scrub pattern change to random
  • Change pitch and track color
  • Railway stations rendering as major buildings
  • Rendering the name of man_made=bridge inside the polygon
  • Documentation updates (including cartography design goals and icon design guidelines)
  • Icons general code cleaning
  • Various bug fixes

v2.44.1 - 2016-10-12


  • Bug fixes to low zoom place rendering changes
  • Documentation improvements for fonts and non-latin rendering

v2.44.0 - 2016-09-26

Major Changes

  • Rendering of restricted access roads and paths significantly changed
  • Changed to use Noto fonts for all languages

Dependency Changes

  • The fonts required have changed


  • A code of conduct adopted, based on the Go code of conduct
  • Adjustments to city wall rendering
  • Revised low zoom place rendering
  • Fixed oneway arrows on unnamed roads
  • Render both house name and number if address has both

v2.43.0 - 2016-09-05


  • Adjust alotments pattern
  • Whitespace cleanups of code
  • Adjust colours of dog parks and construction sites
  • Increase font size of addresses
  • Fix combination of long names and oneway arrows

v2.42.0 - 2016-08-03


  • Add rendering of amenity=charging_station and tourism=artwork
  • Change icon of shop=department_store
  • Increase font size for various labels
  • Change playground color
  • Various bug fixes

v2.41.0 - 2016-07-13


  • More consistent fonts for POI labels
  • Less saturated stadiums
  • Rendering obelisks and dog parks
  • An updated list of font packages
  • Cleaning up the font list
  • Rewriting the road colours script for easier changes
  • Various bug fixes

New contributors

  • @jdhoek

v2.40.0 - 2016-06-21


  • More consistent size of icon labels (bigger labels in most cases).
  • Changed rendering of power lines on low zoom levels.
  • Changed rendering of turning circles.
  • Changed icon for libraries and book shops.
  • Larger labels for place names.
  • Various bug fixes.

v2.39.0 - 2016-03-02


  • Render swing gates
  • More SVG icons

v2.38.0 - 2016-02-17


  • Add rendering for natural=shoal, and natural=reef.
  • Change of rendering of linear barriers: keep rendering of barrier types chain, city_wall, embankment, ditch, fence, guard_rail, handrail, hedge, kerb, retaining_wall, and wall, and drop rendering of all other barrier types.
  • Add rendering for social facilities.
  • New icon for sports shops.
  • Changed rendering of cutlines.
  • Changed rendering for beach surfaces: add rendering for surface=fine_gravel, surface=pebbles, and surface=pebblestone; drop rendering for surface=peeples
  • Various other bug fixes and minor improvements.

v2.37.0 - 2015-11-30


  • Improved admin boundaries and labels on low zoom levels
  • New farmland colour, making farmland less prominent
  • New icons for shop=copyshop and shop=beverages
  • Some refinements to the road rendering, based on the feedback we received on this topic. In particular, roads are now rendered slightly narrower on z13, z18 and z19.
  • Various other bug fixes and minor improvements.

v2.36.0 - 2015-10-30

Major Changes

Major rewrite of road and railway rendering, as part of Mateusz Konieczny's Google Summer of Code project. See for more information.


  • Added rendering of the following tags:
    • amenity=fountain
    • amenity=car_wash
    • historic=wayside_cross and man_made=cross
    • shop=bag
    • shop=outdoor
    • power=plant (labels)
  • Changed rendering of the following objects:
    • Placenames (new algorithm for deciding what placenames to render on low zoomlevels)
    • Road shields
    • Oneway arrows
    • Glaciers
    • Marina labels
    • Station labels
  • Dropped rendering of the following tags:
    • amenity=car_sharing (not relevant for the general public)
    • shop=antique (use shop=antiques)
    • shop=betting (use shop=lottery or shop=bookmaker)
    • shop=delicatessen (use shop=deli)
    • shop=dive (use shop=scuba_diving)
    • shop=fish (use shop=seafood, shop=pet, shop=angling or amenity=fast_food)
    • shop=gambling (use shop=lottery, shop=bookmaker, or leisure=adult_gaming_centre)
    • shop=insurance (use office=insurance)
    • shop=pharmacy (use office=pharmacy)
    • shop=bags (use shop=bag)
  • Various other bug fixes and minor improvements.

v2.35.0 - 2015-09-16


  • Add new icon for ford
  • Stop rendering of landuse=conservation
  • Restore rendering of amenity=kindergarten/school/college/university/grave_yard names
  • Various other bug fixes.

v2.34.0 - 2015-08-28


Changes include

  • better rendering for highway=path/footway/cycleway - this is the next iteration of improving how footways and cycleways are displayed. Unpaved footways are now visible on natural=bare_rock and there are now three classes: paved, unpaved and unknown surface

  • man_made=bridge is now rendered

  • new rendering for landuse=quarry

  • amenity=veterinary is now rendered

  • amenity=community_centre is now rendered

  • amenity=prison and landuse=military rendering takes in account area size

  • consistent color for boundaries

  • tweaked zoom level for amenity=car_sharing and amenity=car_rental

  • Mapnik 3 preparations are now finished. The style now supports Mapnik 3. Most of the work was done on the Mapnik side.

v2.33.0 - 2015-08-14

Major changes

  • A randomized symbology for forests for natural=wood and landuse=forest

    A long time in the works, this improvement has finally landed. The two tags were merged - they are indistinguishable to the data consumer. A randomized symbology was first suggested by SK53 at SOTM-EU 2014, and this feature would not have happened without his extensive research, or imagico's tools for creating an irregular but uniformly distributed and periodic dot pattern

  • Unification of footway/path and rendering surface of them

    The mess that is highway=path is well-known, and it is necessary to do some kind of processing as a data consumer. A distinction is now made between paved and unpaved footways.


  • Mapnik 3 preperations

    The style is not yet fullly tested with Mapnik 3 and we don't claim to support it, but several bugs were fixed. Most of the work was done on the Mapnik side

  • Power area colour adjusted

v2.32.0 - 2015-07-31

New files

Shapefiles are now used for Antartic ice sheets


  • Rendering minor roads and service rail later for mid-zoom clarity

    As all residential, unclassified, and service roads in a city became mapped the rendered view became over-crowded, bloblike, and difficult to read.

  • Rendering of Antartic ice sheets from shapefiles

    Ice sheets in Antartica are a bit of a special case, and pre-generated shapefiles are now used

  • No longer rendering proposed roads

  • Better place label order

  • meadow/grassland and orchard/vineyard color unification

  • Render educational area borders later

  • New POI icons