An intense 2D tank battle for two players, made with Python and PyGame.
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Achtung Panzer

Take control of your own Panzer in this intense multiplayer action-game and destroy your enemies!

Main Menu of Achtung Panzer

Get Started

  1. Download the latest releases
  2. Make sure you have python 3 installed
  3. Install pygame
  4. Run python3 to start the game.
  5. Find someone to challenge and may the best driver win!


The basics of the game are really simple:

  • Destroy your enemy before they destroy you
  • Use the sticky bombs to attack the enemies hiding behind obstacles
    • Press the fire sticky bomb button one time to launch the bomb
    • Press again to detonate
    • The timing is crucial in order to deal devastating damage!

Screenshot of gameplay on a grass-map Gameplay on a grass-map

Screenshot of gamplay on a sand-map Gameplay on a sand-map


Action Player 1 Player 2
Move Forward W Up Arrow
Turn Left A Left Arrow
Move Back S Down Arrow
Turn Right D Down Arrow
Fire Main Gun F K
Fire/Detonate Sticky Bomb G L