Full control of form rendering in the templates.
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Build Status

Full control of form rendering in the templates.

  • Authors: Gregor Müllegger and many many contributors
  • Original creator: Bruno Renié started this project and kept it going for many years.
  • Licence: BSD
  • Requirements: homework -- read this.


  • pip install -U django-floppyforms
  • Add floppyforms to your INSTALLED_APPS

For extensive documentation see the docs folder or read it on readthedocs

To install the in-development version of django-floppyforms, run pip install "https://github.com/gregmuellegger/django-floppyforms/tarball/master#egg=django-floppyforms".


Create a ticket in the issues section on github or ask your questions on the #django-floppyforms IRC channel on freenode.

You can get professional consulting regarding django-floppyforms or any other Django related work from django-floppyforms' maintainer Gregor Müllegger.


Really? Oh well... Please Report. Or better, fix :) We are happy to help you through the process of fixing and testing a bug. Just get in touch.


Thanks for asking!

Get the code:

git clone git@github.com:gregmuellegger/django-floppyforms.git
cd django-floppyforms
virtualenv -p python2 env
source env/bin/activate
add2virtualenv .

Install the development requirements:

pip install "tox>=1.8"

Run the tests:

tox -e py27-16

You can see all the supported test configurations with tox -l.