Pure perl6 implementation of SHA-256 and RIPEMD-160 digests
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This is a perl6 module implementing some digest algorithms in pure Perl6 (no parrot or nqp:: code).

The interface is minimal: functions only return Blob and only take a Blob as argument. It's up to the user to turn it into an hex string if they need to.

use Digest::SHA;
say my $sha256 = sha256 "hello".encode: 'utf8-c8';

use Digest::RIPEMD;
say rmd160 "bye".encode: 'utf8-c8';

sub buf_to_hex { [~] $^buf.list».fmt: "%02x" }
say buf_to_hex $sha256;

Currently implemented:

  • Digest
    • md5
  • Digest::SHA :
    • sha256
    • sha1
  • Digest::RIPEMD :
    • rmd160

This work is published under the terms of the artistic license, as rakudo is. See LICENSE file.