Not detecting added files on OSX and Windows 7 #4

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I just updated to grunt 0.3.17 and installed grunt-contrib-watch 0.1.2
I notice that now when I add files that match the files patterns the watch task no longer detects them

To verify this I created a really simple example. Using the following grunt.js if i add a new js file under the src directory lint is not run. However I know that it's working as saving grunt.js does result in lint being run and on all files including the new one. Watch only seems to watch new files if I restart it

module.exports = function(grunt) {


    lint: {
      files: ['grunt.js', 'src/**/*.js']
    watch: {
      scripts: {
        files: ['<config:lint.files>'],
        tasks: ['default']

  grunt.registerTask('default', 'lint');
shama commented Oct 18, 2012

Thanks! What OS and version are you using?

This was on OSX Mountain Lion, I just tried it on Windows 7 64 bit but it doesn't work there either. It only worked on a Ubuntu 64 bit VM

shama commented Oct 28, 2012

This should be fixed in v0.1.3. Please reopen if it is still an issue. Thanks!

@shama shama closed this Oct 28, 2012
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