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package test
import (
// An example of how to test the simple Terraform module in examples/terraform-basic-example using Terratest.
func TestTerraformBasicExample(t *testing.T) {
expectedText := "test"
expectedList := []string{expectedText}
expectedMap := map[string]string{"expected": expectedText}
terraformOptions := terraform.WithDefaultRetryableErrors(t, &terraform.Options{
// website::tag::1::Set the path to the Terraform code that will be tested.
// The path to where our Terraform code is located
TerraformDir: "../examples/terraform-basic-example",
// Variables to pass to our Terraform code using -var options
Vars: map[string]interface{}{
"example": expectedText,
// We also can see how lists and maps translate between terratest and terraform.
"example_list": expectedList,
"example_map": expectedMap,
// Variables to pass to our Terraform code using -var-file options
VarFiles: []string{"varfile.tfvars"},
// Disable colors in Terraform commands so its easier to parse stdout/stderr
NoColor: true,
// website::tag::4::Clean up resources with "terraform destroy". Using "defer" runs the command at the end of the test, whether the test succeeds or fails.
// At the end of the test, run `terraform destroy` to clean up any resources that were created
defer terraform.Destroy(t, terraformOptions)
// website::tag::2::Run "terraform init" and "terraform apply".
// This will run `terraform init` and `terraform apply` and fail the test if there are any errors
terraform.InitAndApply(t, terraformOptions)
// Run `terraform output` to get the values of output variables
actualTextExample := terraform.Output(t, terraformOptions, "example")
actualTextExample2 := terraform.Output(t, terraformOptions, "example2")
actualExampleList := terraform.OutputList(t, terraformOptions, "example_list")
actualExampleMap := terraform.OutputMap(t, terraformOptions, "example_map")
// website::tag::3::Check the output against expected values.
// Verify we're getting back the outputs we expect
assert.Equal(t, expectedText, actualTextExample)
assert.Equal(t, expectedText, actualTextExample2)
assert.Equal(t, expectedList, actualExampleList)
assert.Equal(t, expectedMap, actualExampleMap)