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Alerta monitoring system

Alerta Release 3.0

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The alerta monitoring tool was developed with the following aims in mind:

  • distributed and de-coupled so that it is SCALABLE
  • minimal CONFIGURATION that easily accepts alerts from any source
  • quick at-a-glance VISUALISATION with drill-down to detail


More screenshots are available here

Related projects can be found here.


The only requirement is MongoDB. Everything else is optional.


A messaging transport that supports AMQP is required for notification to alert subscribers. It is recommended to use RabbitMQ, but Redis and even MongoDB have been tested and shown to work. YMMV.


To install and configure on Debian/Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install mongodb-server

To use RabbitMQ as the message transport:

$ sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server

To use MongoDB as the message transport instead of RabbitMQ, add the following to /etc/alerta/alerta.conf:

amqp_url = mongodb://localhost:27017/kombu

And to use Redis as the message transport:

amqp_url = redis://localhost:6379/

To install from git:

$ git clone alerta
$ cd alerta
$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
$ sudo python install

To use the alert console modify $HOME/.alerta.conf so that the API uses a free port and static content can be found:

endpoint = http://localhost:8080

dashboard_dir = /path/to/alerta/dashboard/v2/assets/

For example, if the repo was cloned to /home/foobar/git/alerta then the dashboard_dir directory path will be /home/foobar/git/alerta/dashboard/v2/assets/.

To start alerta simply run:

$ alerta

To run in DEBUG mode and send log output to stderr:

$ alerta --debug --use-stderr
$ alerta-dashboard --debug --use-stderr          <--- listens on port 5000 in dev, 80 in prod

And then the alert console can be found at:


To see some test alerts in the console run:

$ contrib/examples/

More Information

See the alerta docs. Feedback welcome.


If you'd like to hack on Alerta, start by forking this repo on GitHub.


Alerta monitoring system and console
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