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Guardian deployment libraries and RiffRaff frontend
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"Deploy the transit beam"


The Guardian's scala-based deployment system is designed to help automate deploys by providing:

  • a library (Magenta) that localises knowledge about how to orchestrate deploys within a single system, but having defined interfaces with the applications and the system on to which the deploys will happen.
  • a web application (Riff-Raff) that initiates and audits deploys as well as providing various integration points for automating deployment pipelines.


Riff-Raff and Magenta have been built with the tools we use at the Guardian and you will find it easiest if you use a similar set of tools. Riff-Raff has

  • has tight integration with TeamCity (we have experimented with adding Jenkins and TravisCI with some success)
  • uses Prism to do service discovery
  • stores all configuration, history and logs in a MongoDB instance


Most of the documentation is under magenta-lib/docs (for the main deployment library) and riff-raff/app/docs (for the web frontend).

In action

Screenshots don't do a lot to show how Riff-Raff works in practice - but here are a handful anyway, just to give a hint.

Deploy history The deploy history view - this shows all deploys that have ever been done (in this case filtered on PROD and projects containing 'mobile')

Deploy log This is what a single deploy looks like - displaying the overall result and the list of tasks that were executed.

Request a deploy The simple form for requesting a deploy can be seen here (further options are available after previewing)

Continuous deployment configuration Riff-Raff polls our build server frequently and can be configured to automatically start a deploy for newly completed builds

How do I run Riff-Raff locally if I want to hack on it?

Assuming you have a reasonably recent version of Java installed,

  • Create a basic configuration file at ~/.gu/ (teamcity and mondo config if probably the minimum)
  • Run the sbt script
  • enter project riff-raff at the SBT prompt
  • enter run at the SBT prompt
  • visit http://localhost:9000/
  • Details of how to configure Riff-Raff can then be found at http://localhost:9000/docs/riffraff/properties

What is still left to do?

See the TODO.txt file in this project

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