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We are EOL this project. Please use Lightning Browser or wait for Orfox instead
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CHANGELOG update for 0.7 Nov 13, 2014
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README updating project files for v2 Jul 23, 2011
custom_rules.xml custom ant rules for nice APK filenames and a build manifest Nov 20, 2015 updating project files Jul 28, 2011
fix-translations script to fix common issues in translations Nov 20, 2015
ic_launcher.png use correctly sized PNGs for the app icon Nov 20, 2015
make-release-build make-release-build: make sure that the right signing key is available Nov 25, 2015 use default proguard setup Nov 20, 2015


Orweb provides anonymous and uncensored access to the web from Android devices.

Orweb is a companion browser for Orbot, the port of Tor to Android. Orweb routes all browser traffic
through a SOCKS5 proxy connection to Tor service running with Orbot. Web traffic is then anonymized
through circuits created by Tor.

Tor Project:

/*** About Shadow ***/
This work is the result of a ten week summer project in the Digital Technology Group.
The software was written by Connell Gauld and supervised by Alastair Beresford and Andrew Rice.
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