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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin;
use lib $FindBin::Bin;
use App::perlbrew;
require "";
use Test::Spec;
use Test::Exception;
mock_perlbrew_install("perl-5.8.9", "--as" => "5.8.9");
mock_perlbrew_install("perl-5.14.0", "--as" => "perl-shiny", "perl-5.14.0");
no warnings 'redefine';
sub App::perlbrew::current_perl { "perl-5.14.0" }
## spec
describe "App::perlbrew->resolve_installation_name" => sub {
my $app;
before each => sub {
$app = App::perlbrew->new;
it "takes exactly one argument, which means the `shortname` that needs to be resolved to a `longname`", sub {
ok $app->resolve_installation_name("5.8.9");
dies_ok {
$app->resolve_installation_name; # no args
it "returns the same value as the argument if there is an installation with exactly the same name", sub {
is $app->resolve_installation_name("5.8.9"), "5.8.9";
is $app->resolve_installation_name("perl-5.8.9"), "perl-5.8.9";
is $app->resolve_installation_name("perl-5.14.0"), "perl-5.14.0";
it "returns `perl-\$shortname` if that happens to be a proper installation name.", sub {
is $app->resolve_installation_name("5.14.0"), "perl-5.14.0";
is $app->resolve_installation_name("shiny"), "perl-shiny";
it "returns undef if no proper installation can be found", sub {
is $app->resolve_installation_name("nihao"), undef;
describe 'with lib names' => sub {
it 'returns both perl version and libnames' => sub {
my ($v, $l) = $app->resolve_installation_name('perl-5.14.0@soya');
is $v, "perl-5.14.0";
is $l, "soya";
it 'returns current perl version when only a libname is given' => sub {
my ($v, $l) = $app->resolve_installation_name('@soya');
is $v, $app->current_perl;
is $l, "soya";
runtests unless caller;
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