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  • news! new pattern: lambda-list pattern. Contributed by akssri
  • news! new pattern: number-related patterns, e.g. >, <, =, <= …
  • news! Inline pattern implemented ! : @, @@ …
  • news!(04/02/2016) Support for fare-quasiquote is now available. See test/quasiquote for the usage
  • news!(04/22/2016) Added metabang-bind like macros if-match, when-match, unless-match, let-match, let*-match, let-match1
  • news!(05/21/2016) Added support for minor implementations: CMU, ECL, CLISP, ABCL.
  • news!(05/22/2016) Implemented ARRAY, SIMPLE-ARRAY, ARRAY-ROW-MAJOR, ARRAY-ROW-MAJOR* patterns! Multi-dimentional arrays are now more handy!
  • news!(07/21/2016) Added READ, LAST, SPLIT, SPLIT* patterns! Parsing the string is more conveninent.
  • news!(01/21/2017) Added DYNAMIC pattern! Careful use of this pattern can impact the performance sensitive code.
  • news!(04/08/2017) Added a new contrib package TRIVIA.CFFI which provides -> pattern ! Offers convenient access to foreign objects.
  • news!(05/26/2018) Added property!, which only matches when the key is present in a plist.
  • news!(09/06/2018) SPLIT symbol was exported from the trivia.ppcre package.
  • news!(02/19/2019) Added MEMBER pattern. When the argument is a constant, it also adds type declaration.
  • news!(04/24/2019) Improved the compilation of GUARD pattern. It no longer uses the internal hackery.
  • news!(04/24/2019) Balland2006 optimizer is now the default optimizer for the pattern compiler!
  • news!(04/28/2019) Added a progv pattern, which can dynamically alter the dynamic variable the value will be bound to.
  • news!(05/08/2019) Now the optimizer can be specified in the lexical environment via (declare (trivia:optimizer <name>)) (e.g. (declare (trivia:optimizer :trivial))). Implemented through cltl2 API.
  • news!(10/11/2019) The OR1 consistency checking algorithm in Level 1 no longer takes the exponential runtime. Compilation of type-r library is now 10x faster! (patch from @pfdietz)
  • news!(01/01/2021) Added HASH-TABLE-ENTRY, HASH-TABLE-ENTRIES patterns, and corresponding ! suffixed patterns for matching only if key is present in hash table.
  • news!(05/30/2021 Added support for FSet. See tests for how-to.

Trivia : Trivial Pattern Matching Compiler

Trivia is a pattern matching compiler that is compatible with Optima. It shares the same testing code with Optima and acts as a drop-in replacement for 99% usage. For the basic usage, consult our wiki. Known differences between Optima and Trivia, which are bug, are described here (7/31/2016)

(defpackage :playwithit
  (:use :cl 
-       :optima))
+       :trivia))
(in-package :playwithit)

(match '(something #(0 1 2))
  ((list a (vector 0 _ b))
   (values a b)))
;; --> SOMETHING, 2

Patterns compiled with Trivia runs faster than Optima.

runtime [sec]fibonaccigomokustring-match
trivia [1]9.6837.41.57

[1]: trivia is using :balland2006 optimiizer

… and Trivia is more extensible. In fact, Trivia’s defpattern is able to implement all of unmodifiable, core pattern language in Optima within itself.

(defpattern cons (a b)
  (with-gensyms (it)
    `(guard1 (,it :type cons) (consp ,it) (car ,it) ,a (cdr ,it) ,b)))

Detailed documentation is in github wiki.

Dependency & Testing

  • Level 0,1 : Alexandria only.
  • Level 2 : Additionally, lisp-namespace and closer-mop.

To run the tests, (asdf:test-system :trivia) .

To run the benchmark, (asdf:test-system :trivia.benchmark)