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Hermes Server

Hermes is a minimal path-finding developed in Scala and using Cassandra for storage.

Hermes is the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology and additionally as a guide to the Underworld. An Olympian god, he is also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who travel across them.

Cassandra Configuration

Add the below lines in Keyspaces section of conf/storage-conf.xml for add Hermes keyspace to Cassandra database

<Keyspace Name="Hermes">
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Coordenadas" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Vecinos" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Intersecciones" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Trafico" CompareSubcolumnsWith="UTF8Type" ColumnType="Super"/>
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Restricciones" CompareSubcolumnsWith="UTF8Type" ColumnType="Super"/>

Build targets

The primary useful build targets are the usual suspects:

  • ant clean -- to clear out previous build results
  • ant compile -- only compile, then stop
  • ant test -- only compile and run tests, then stop
  • ant package -- build and create an executable jar file and distribution tarball

The default target for ant is package. You can see a more complete list with ant -p.

Running locally

You can run the server locally by using the executable jar:

$ java -jar ./dist/hermesd/hermesd-1.0.jar

Note: The server need permissions to write logs in /var/log, you can create /var/log/hermesd and add read/write permissions to the user thar runs hermes or run server as root user.