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Update W3C test suite links
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@@ -407,10 +407,9 @@ <h2 id="contribute_to_testsuites" class="subhed">Contribute to Test Suites</h2>
<p>Test cases are fundamental to standards and to browsers. They assure things work the same across browsers. Yet right now, the W3C test suites don't have nearly as many tests as they need. Tests are written in the languages of web developers: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. </p>
- <li>Get overviews of the
- <a href="">w3c webapps test suite</a>, the
- <a href="">w3c HTML5 test suite</a>,
- and the <a href="">CSSWG test suite</a>.
+ <li>Get information on the
+ <a href="">W3C Web Platform Tests Project</a>
+ and the <a href="">W3C CSS Test Suite</a>.
<li>Look into <a href="">upstreaming some existing tests</a> into the W3C Test suite.</li>
<li>Upstream <a href="">WebKit&#8217;s LayoutTests</a>. <span>Also see the LayoutTests <a href="">theory</a> & <a href="">practice</a>.</span></li>
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