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Basic Installation

First, you'll need a few prerequisites.

Next, run: ./configure or ./configure --help to see additional options that can be specified.

Next, run: make su root make install

Make sure that the file /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db is owned by the user running Apache. You can do this by (assuming www-data is the user running apache): su root touch /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db chown www-data /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db

Or you can specify an alternate location that the user running apache has write privieges on (see the docs for the AuthOpenIDDBLocation directive on the homepage).


In either a Directory, Location, or File directive in httpd.conf, place the following directive:

 AuthType	       OpenID
 requre valid-user

There are also additional, optional directives. See the homepage for a list and docs.

The user's identity URL will be available in the REMOTE_USER cgi environment variable after authentication.

See the project page for more information.