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Simplified some network terms

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@@ -194,12 +194,12 @@ expected number of attendees and IP addresses if possible.
Traffic shaping and monitoring should be employed to help prevent a few users
abusing the connection to the detriment of all others.
-DPI should not be used.
+Deep packet inspection should not be used.
### Ethernet to the Chair _Optional_
In case of WiFi collapse (or if you can't provide adequate WiFi at all) you
-should have ethernet available at the chairs. Have at least fast ethernet
+should have ethernet available at the chairs. Have at least 100 megabit ethernet
feeding into a gigabit backbone arranged in an (extended) star topology.
If you go ethernet-only, announce this up-front. Regardless if you provide
cables or attendees bring their own, you should have a big pile of spare

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