Seafile desktop client.
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debian [deb] Depend on libssl 1.0. Feb 25, 2017
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qt-win.css Show sync errors in a dialog (#855) Jan 17, 2017
qt.css Show the shibboleth server url. Feb 8, 2017 Show sync errors in a dialog (#855) Jan 17, 2017
seafile-client.qrc Support mapping a library as network drive Jan 21, 2016
seafile.icns [mac] Update icons Jan 4, 2014
seafile.ico redesigned UI; default library for windows users Dec 26, 2013

seafile-client Build Status

Seafile desktop client.




cmake .
make install

Qt 5.2 or higher is required

Ubuntu users can install seafile client from this PPA

INSTALL with Qt5

cmake .
make install

Qt 5.5 or higher is recommanded but not required


You are welcome to add translation in your language.

Contribute your translation

Please submit translations via Transifex:


  1. Create a free account on Transifex (
  2. Send a request to join the language translation.
  3. After accepted by the project maintainer, then you can translate online.