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Precompiled bknr (and bknr.datastore) documentation can be found at [bknr's home-page]( Uncompiled documentation is enclosed in this repository.
-# installing through clbuild
+# installing through quicklisp
-In order to install bknr through clbuild, you should add (at least) the following:
- my-projects
- -----------
- alexandria get_git git://
- bknr-datastore get_git
- yason get_svn svn://
- unit-test get_svn svn://
- my-dependencies (only for bknr-datastore itself)
- ---------------
- bknr-datastore alexandria arnesi babel bordeaux-threads cl-interpol cl-store cl-unicode closer-mop closure-common cxml fiveam flexi-streams lift md5 puri trivial-features trivial-gray-streams trivial-utf-8 unit-test yason
- at the terminal
- ---------------
- ./clbuild install bknr-datastore
- ./clbuild lisp --eval "(require 'bknr.datastore)"
+Please use [Quicklisp]( to install bknr-datastore
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