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-- Copyright (c) 2012 Mark Dittmer -
-- Developed for a Google Summer of Code project -
{-# LANGUAGE CPP, DeriveDataTypeable, ScopedTypeVariables #-}
{-# OPTIONS_GHC -fno-warn-orphans #-}
module System.FSNotify.Linux
( FileListener(..)
, NativeManager
) where
import Control.Concurrent.Chan
import Control.Concurrent.MVar
import Control.Exception as E
import Control.Monad
import qualified Data.ByteString as BS
import Data.IORef (atomicModifyIORef, readIORef)
import Data.String
import qualified Data.Text as T
import Data.Time.Clock (UTCTime, getCurrentTime)
import Data.Time.Clock.POSIX
import Data.Typeable
import qualified GHC.Foreign as F
import GHC.IO.Encoding (getFileSystemEncoding)
import Prelude hiding (FilePath)
import qualified Shelly as S
import System.FSNotify.Listener
import System.FSNotify.Path (findDirs, canonicalizeDirPath)
import System.FSNotify.Types
import System.FilePath
import qualified System.INotify as INo
import System.Posix.Files (getFileStatus, isDirectory, modificationTimeHiRes)
type NativeManager = INo.INotify
data EventVarietyMismatchException = EventVarietyMismatchException deriving (Show, Typeable)
instance Exception EventVarietyMismatchException
#if MIN_VERSION_hinotify(0, 3, 10)
toRawFilePath :: FilePath -> IO BS.ByteString
toRawFilePath fp = do
enc <- getFileSystemEncoding
F.withCString enc fp BS.packCString
fromRawFilePath :: BS.ByteString -> IO FilePath
fromRawFilePath bs = do
enc <- getFileSystemEncoding
BS.useAsCString bs (F.peekCString enc)
toRawFilePath = return . id
fromRawFilePath = return . id
fsnEvents :: FilePath -> UTCTime -> INo.Event -> IO [Event]
fsnEvents basePath timestamp (INo.Attributes isDir (Just raw)) = fromRawFilePath raw >>= \name -> return [Modified (basePath </> name) timestamp isDir]
fsnEvents basePath timestamp (INo.Modified isDir (Just raw)) = fromRawFilePath raw >>= \name -> return [Modified (basePath </> name) timestamp isDir]
fsnEvents basePath timestamp (INo.Created isDir raw) = fromRawFilePath raw >>= \name -> return [Added (basePath </> name) timestamp isDir]
fsnEvents basePath timestamp (INo.MovedOut isDir raw _cookie) = fromRawFilePath raw >>= \name -> return [Removed (basePath </> name) timestamp isDir]
fsnEvents basePath timestamp (INo.MovedIn isDir raw _cookie) = fromRawFilePath raw >>= \name -> return [Added (basePath </> name) timestamp isDir]
fsnEvents basePath timestamp (INo.Deleted isDir raw) = fromRawFilePath raw >>= \name -> return [Removed (basePath </> name) timestamp isDir]
fsnEvents _ _ (INo.Ignored) = return []
fsnEvents basePath timestamp inoEvent = return [Unknown basePath timestamp (show inoEvent)]
handleInoEvent :: ActionPredicate -> EventChannel -> FilePath -> DebouncePayload -> INo.Event -> IO ()
handleInoEvent actPred chan basePath dbp inoEvent = do
currentTime <- getCurrentTime
events <- fsnEvents basePath currentTime inoEvent
mapM_ (handleEvent actPred chan dbp) events
handleEvent :: ActionPredicate -> EventChannel -> DebouncePayload -> Event -> IO ()
handleEvent actPred chan dbp event =
when (actPred event) $ case dbp of
(Just (DebounceData epsilon ior)) -> do
lastEvent <- readIORef ior
unless (debounce epsilon lastEvent event) writeToChan
atomicModifyIORef ior (const (event, ()))
Nothing -> writeToChan
writeToChan = writeChan chan event
varieties :: [INo.EventVariety]
varieties = [INo.Create, INo.Delete, INo.MoveIn, INo.MoveOut, INo.Attrib, INo.Modify]
instance FileListener INo.INotify where
initSession = E.catch (fmap Just INo.initINotify) (\(_ :: IOException) -> return Nothing)
killSession = INo.killINotify
listen conf iNotify path actPred chan = do
path' <- canonicalizeDirPath path
dbp <- newDebouncePayload $ confDebounce conf
rawPath <- toRawFilePath path'
wd <- INo.addWatch iNotify varieties rawPath (handler path' dbp)
return $ INo.removeWatch wd
handler :: FilePath -> DebouncePayload -> INo.Event -> IO ()
handler = handleInoEvent actPred chan
listenRecursive conf iNotify initialPath actPred chan = do
-- wdVar stores the list of created watch descriptors. We use it to
-- cancel the whole recursive listening task.
-- To avoid a race condition (when a new watch is added right after
-- we've stopped listening), we replace the MVar contents with Nothing
-- to signify that the listening task is cancelled, and no new watches
-- should be added.
wdVar <- newMVar (Just [])
stopListening = do
modifyMVar_ wdVar $ \mbWds -> do
maybe (return ()) (mapM_ (\x -> catch (INo.removeWatch x) (\(_ :: SomeException) -> putStrLn ("Error removing watch: " `mappend` show x)))) mbWds
return Nothing
listenRec initialPath wdVar
return stopListening
listenRec :: FilePath -> MVar (Maybe [INo.WatchDescriptor]) -> IO ()
listenRec path wdVar = do
path' <- canonicalizeDirPath path
paths <- findDirs True path'
mapM_ (pathHandler wdVar) (path':paths)
pathHandler :: MVar (Maybe [INo.WatchDescriptor]) -> FilePath -> IO ()
pathHandler wdVar filePath = do
dbp <- newDebouncePayload $ confDebounce conf
rawFilePath <- toRawFilePath filePath
modifyMVar_ wdVar $ \mbWds ->
-- Atomically add a watch and record its descriptor. Also, check
-- if the listening task is cancelled, in which case do nothing.
case mbWds of
Nothing -> return mbWds
Just wds -> do
wd <- INo.addWatch iNotify varieties rawFilePath (handler filePath dbp)
return $ Just (wd:wds)
handler :: FilePath -> DebouncePayload -> INo.Event -> IO ()
handler baseDir dbp event = do
-- When a new directory is created, add recursive inotify watches to it
-- TODO: there's a race condition here; if there are files present in the directory before
-- we add the watches, we'll miss them. The right thing to do would be to ls the directory
-- and trigger Added events for everything we find there
case event of
(INo.Created True rawDirPath) -> do
dirPath <- fromRawFilePath rawDirPath
let newDir = baseDir </> dirPath
timestampBeforeAddingWatch <- getPOSIXTime
listenRec newDir wdVar
-- Find all files/folders that might have been created *after* the timestamp, and hence might have been
-- missed by the watch
-- TODO: there's a chance of this generating double events, fix
files <- S.shelly $ S.find (fromString newDir)
forM_ files $ \file -> do
let newPath = T.unpack $ S.toTextIgnore file
fileStatus <- getFileStatus newPath
let modTime = modificationTimeHiRes fileStatus
when (modTime > timestampBeforeAddingWatch) $ do
handleEvent actPred chan dbp (Added (newDir </> newPath) (posixSecondsToUTCTime timestampBeforeAddingWatch) (isDirectory fileStatus))
_ -> return ()
-- Remove watch when this directory is removed
case event of
(INo.DeletedSelf) -> do
-- putStrLn "Watched file/folder was deleted! TODO: remove watch."
return ()
(INo.Ignored) -> do
-- putStrLn "Watched file/folder was ignored, which possibly means it was deleted. TODO: remove watch."
return ()
_ -> return ()
-- Forward all events, including directory create
handleInoEvent actPred chan baseDir dbp event
usesPolling = const False