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# Copyright 2010 Herve BREDIN (
# Contact:
# This file is part of PyAFE.
# PyAFE is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# PyAFE is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with PyAFE. If not, see <>.
import os
import sys
import getopt
import re
import metric
import yacastIO
import submissionIO
class Options:
def getListOfFingerprints( path2fingerprint ):
f = open(path2fingerprint, 'r')
fingerprint = {}
for line in f:
fingerprint[ line.rstrip()] = 1
return fingerprint
def getListOfRelativePathToFile( mydir, filename ):
fileList = []
rootdir = os.path.normpath(mydir)
for root, subFolders, files in os.walk(rootdir):
for file in files:
if file == filename:
fileList.append(os.path.dirname(os.path.relpath(os.path.join(root,file), rootdir)))
return fileList
def evaluateFile( groundTruthFile, submissionFile, options):
# Evaluation result (dictonary, one entry per event type)
result = {}
# Annotations (dictonary, one entry per event type)
groundtruth = yacastIO.YacastAnnotations(groundTruthFile)
# Read start time and end time day restriction
if options.limitedhours:
# Faire la lecture des valeurs de debut et fin et les faire passer dans options
# Read
f = open(options.path2xml_ts, 'r')
# Check format
if (re.match(r'\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}',string_start)) and (re.match(r'\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}',string_end)):
print "%s > ERROR - Start time (or End time) should be formated as HH:MM:SS" % (options.path2xml_ts)
return None
# Write data in options
# Detections (dictionary, one entry per event type)
submission = submissionIO.Submission(submissionFile)
# For each event type
for eventType in groundtruth.eventList.keys():
# Perform the evaluation
if eventType in submission.detectionList.keys():
result[eventType] = metric.compute_metric(groundtruth.eventList[eventType], submission.detectionList[eventType], options)
result[eventType] = metric.compute_metric(groundtruth.eventList[eventType], [], options)
# Store event type, participant ID and submission ID
result[eventType].eventType = eventType
result[eventType].participant = submission.participant
result[eventType].submission = submission.ID
return result
def evaluateDirectory(groundTruthDir, groundTruthFileName, submissionDir, submissionFileName, options):
# List of path to directories containing the groundtruth files
# (relative to groundTruthDir)
groundTruthFiles = getListOfRelativePathToFile( groundTruthDir, groundTruthFileName)
# Process all files and produce list of evaluation results
results = {}
for groundTruthFile in groundTruthFiles:
# Full path to groundtruth XML file
path2xml_gt = os.path.join(groundTruthDir, groundTruthFile, groundTruthFileName)
if options.limitedhours:
# Full path to groundtruth time slot file
options.path2xml_ts = os.path.join(groundTruthDir, groundTruthFile, "TimeSlot.txt")
# Full path to corresponding submission XML file
path2xml_sub = os.path.join(submissionDir, groundTruthFile, submissionFileName)
# Make sure it exists
if os.path.exists(path2xml_sub) == False:
if options.partial == False:
print "%s > ERROR - missing submission file" % (path2xml_sub)
return None
if options.verbosity > 1:
print "----------------------------------------------"
print "ERROR LIST for %s" % (os.path.join(groundTruthFile, groundTruthFileName))
print "----------------------------------------------"
result = evaluateFile(path2xml_gt, path2xml_sub, options)
if options.verbosity > 0:
for eventType in result.keys():
print "%s | %s | %s" % (os.path.join(groundTruthFile, groundTruthFileName), eventType, result[eventType].description())
for eventType in result.keys():
if eventType not in results.keys():
results[eventType] = []
return results
def usage():
print "HELP :"
print " -g, --groundtruth Path to groundtruth directory"
print " -G --groundtruth-filename"
print " Name of groundtruth files. Default is Music.xml"
print " -s, --submission Path to submission directory"
print " -S --submission-filename"
print " Name of submission files. Default is submission.xml"
print " -p --partial Only evaluate available submission files"
print " -d --skip2days Skip events that starts the day before or ends the day after"
print " -f --fingerprint Path to list of available fingerprint"
print " -l --limited-hours"
print " Only evaluate on some chosen Time Slots. These time slots should be provided in TimeSlot.txt files, one for each GROUNDTRUTH file, located on the same directory than the corresponding MUSIC.xml GROUNDTRUTH file"
print " -v --verbosity Set level of verbosity (default=-1)"
print " -1 = only print global results"
print " 0 = same as -1 + print command arguments"
print " 1 = same as 0 + print per-file results"
print " 2 = same as 1 + print list of errors"
print " 3 = same as 2 + print list of hits"
print " -h, --help Print this help"
print ""
print "$ParticipantID$ $RunID$ | $EventType$ | Hit (Miss) / Total => $Hit$ ($Miss$) / $Total$ | FA1 (out) = $FA1$ ($FA1out$) | FA2 (out) = $FA2$ ($FA2out$) | R1 = $R1$ | R2 = $R2$ | R1.5 = $R1.5$"
print " $ParticipantID$: participant ID (from XML submission files)"
print " $RunID$: run ID (from XML submission files)"
print " $Hit$: number of hits (correct detection)"
print " $Total$: number of events to be detected"
print " $Miss$: number of misses"
print " $R1$: performance metric 2 ($Hit$ - $FA1$ - $FA1out$) / $Total$"
print " $R2$: performance metric 3 ($Hit$ - $FA2$ - $FA2out$) / $Total$"
print " $R1.5$: hybrid performance metric ($Hit$ - $FA2$ - $FA1out$) / $Total$"
print " $FA1$: number of false alarms (+1 for every incorrect detection)"
print " e.g.: If Detected = B C B and Groundtruth = A, then $FA1$ = 3"
print " $FA1out$: same as $FA1$ but dedicated to time intervals where no events should be detected"
print " $FA2$: same as $FA1$ but multiple errors for the same couple (groundtruth event/detected event) do not add up."
print " e.g.: If Detected = B C B and Groundtruth = A, then $FA2$ = 2 (one for B, and one for C)"
print " $FA2out$: same as $FA2$ but dedicated to time intervals where no events should be detected)"
if __name__ == '__main__':
opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "hpg:G:s:S:v:df:l", ["help", "partial", "groundtruth=", "groundtruth-filename=", "submission=", "submission-filename=", "verbosity=", "skip2days", "fingerprint=","limited-hours"])
except getopt.GetoptError, err:
# print help information and exit:
print str(err) # will print something like "option -a not recognized"
path2groundtruth = "";
path2submission = "";
gtName = "Music.xml"
subName = "submission.xml";
options = Options()
options.partial = False
options.verbosity = -1
options.skipTwoDaysEvents = False
options.limitedhours = False
path2fingerprint = "";
for opt, arg in opts:
if opt in ("-h", "--help"):
elif opt in ("-g", "--groundtruth"):
path2groundtruth = arg
elif opt in ("-G", "--groundtruth-filename"):
gtName = arg
elif opt in ("-s", "--submission"):
path2submission = arg
elif opt in ("-S", "--submission-filename"):
subName = arg
elif opt in ("-p", "--partial"):
options.partial = True
elif opt in ("-d", "--skip2days"):
options.skipTwoDaysEvents = True
elif opt in ("-f", "--fingerprint"):
path2fingerprint = arg
elif opt in ("-v", "--verbosity"):
options.verbosity = int(arg)
elif opt in ("-l", "--limited-hours"):
options.limitedhours = True
assert False, "unhandled option"
if (options.verbosity > -1):
print "$ " + ' '.join(sys.argv[0:])
if len(path2submission) == 0:
print "Error : missing submission directory."
if len(path2groundtruth) == 0:
print "Error : missing groundtruth directory."
options.fingerprints = {}
if len(path2fingerprint) != 0:
# load list of available fingerprints as dictionary
options.fingerprints = getListOfFingerprints( path2fingerprint )
results = evaluateDirectory(path2groundtruth, gtName, path2submission, subName, options)
metrics = {}
for eventType in results.keys():
metrics[eventType] = metric.Metric()
metrics[eventType].participant = results[eventType][0].participant
metrics[eventType].submission = results[eventType][0].submission
for r in results[eventType]:
for eventType in results.keys():
if options.verbosity > 0:
print "----------------------------------------------"
print "%s %s | %s | %s" % (metrics[eventType].participant, metrics[eventType].submission, eventType, metrics[eventType].description())