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title: "Release note"
title_plural: "Release notes"
release_note: "release note"
release_note_plural: "release notes"
cant_set_done_if_no_release_notes: "can't be set to %{value} unless release notes have been written"
generate: "Generate release notes"
generate_title: "Release notes for version %{version}"
show_closed_versions: "Show closed versions"
x_issues_in_total: "%{count} issues in total"
x_requiring_release_notes: "%{count} requiring release notes"
x_done: "%{count} done"
x_to_go: "%{count} to go"
all_done: "All done!"
not_started: "Not started"
no_issues_for_this_version: "No issues need release notes for this version"
one: "There is 1 issue which still needs release notes"
other: "There are %{count} issues which still need release notes"
one: "There is 1 issue which doesn't have a value for the release notes custom field"
other: "There are %{count} issues which don't have a value for the release notes custom field"
one: "There is 1 issue which is marked as 'done' but doesn't have any release notes"
other: "There are %{count} issues which are marked as 'done' but don't have any release notes"
raw: "View raw"
download: "Download"
name: "Issue custom field for release notes"
info: "This field is used to check whether release notes for issues have been completed. It should be a list type custom field with three values; indicating that either a) the issue doesn't need release notes, b) that the issue does need release notes and doesn't have them yet, or c) that the release notes for this issue are done."
name: "Issues which don't need release notes are"
name: "Issues which still need release notes are"
name: "Issues with finished release notes are"
title: "Formats"
format: "Format"
new: "New format"
none: "No release notes formats are currently defined."
define_some: "Define some"
default_generation_format: "Default generation format"
preview: "Preview with a sample version"
name: 'Name'
header: 'Header'
start: 'Start'
each_issue: 'Each issue'
end: 'End'
header: "Appears at the start of the release notes."
start: "Appears once, just after the header. Use for eg. a <ul> tag."
each_issue: "Appears once for each issue."
end: "Appears once at the end. Use for eg. a </ul> tag."
intro: "You can use substitutions like %{this} to display some information in the Header and Each issue fields."
header: "Substitutions refer to the version. Recognised values are name, date, id, and description."
each_issue: "Substitutions refer to the issue. Recognised values are subject, release_notes, id, tracker, and project."
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