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Version 1.0.0beta (YYYY-MM-DD)
- More robust message ID generation. Patch by Steve Cohen.
- Fixed `make test` on OSX by replacing `cp -l` with `ln`. Patch by
- Fixed handling of arrays of integers by Ruby's `encode_term` function.
Patch by Johnlin.
- Removed upper version limits for Python/Ruby. It seems Python versions up
to 3.4.2 and Ruby up to 2.2.0 work without any other changes.
- `make test` now uses Python/Ruby installed on the system.
- More robust Python/Ruby version detection in case if ErlPort starts from
another process. Patch by Maxim V.
- Added Erlang R17 support for release and test scripts.
Reported by Mark A. Sheldon. Patch by Alexander Shorin.
- Added empty 'registered' option to This option can be needed
by some external tools. Patch by Daniel Kempkens.
- STDIN/STDOUT redirectors for Python in erlport.stdio modules now
implements full file object interface. Reported by Francesco Mosconi.
- Replaced proc_lib:spawn_link/1 with just spawn_link/1 because the former
reports expected process exits as crashes if SASL is enabled. Reported by
Sonic Gao.
- Fixed too restrictive checks for PYTHONPATH and RUBYLIB paths. Reported
by willemdj at GitHub.
- Added rebar.config. Patch by Chad DePue.
Version 1.0.0alpha (2013-06-10)
- Redesigned as Erlang application
- Added support for all recent Python versions
- Added support for all recent Ruby versions
- Added support for custom data types
- Added STDOUT redirection to Erlang
Version 0.7 (2011-MM-DD) ABANDONED
- Removed encoding of datetime.datetime() as {{Y, M, D}, {H, M, S}}.
It can be done in a high level code.
- Added encoding/decoding for fun M:F/A
- Added Port class and encoding/decoding for port() Erlang type
- Added python.erl Erlang module
- Added Reference class and encoding/decoding for reference() Erlang type
- Added Pid class and encoding/decoding for pid() Erlang type
- Updated Atom representation
- Fixed "Port._read_data() may read excess data"
( (reported by Ivan Glushkov)
- Added sources (Dmitry Vasiliev)
- Added exception handling (Dmitry Vasiliev)
- Updated README.rst with note about erlport.String class (Jacob Perkins)
Version 0.6 (2010-04-26)
- Encode datetime as a tuple of two tuples (Marko Mikulicic)
- Fixed a bug in the SMALL/LARGE_BIG_EXT decoding where an extra byte was
being added to the number if there was any data after the number
(Paul Bonser)
Version 0.5 (2010-02-25)
- Added 'compressed' keyword argument for Port (Dmitry Vasiliev)
- Encode None as atom none (Dmitry Vasiliev)
- Encode dict as a proplist (ordered by Python sort order, may be used as
orddict if keys are all the same type) (Bob Ippolito)
- Encode True, False as true and false (Bob Ippolito)
- Added support for encoding and decoding compressed terms (Bob Ippolito)
- Optimized encoding and decoding of big integers, general encoder
optimization hacks (avoid global lookups) (Bob Ippolito)
Version 0.4 (2010-01-10)
- Added support for big integers
- Added support for Erlang bitstrings whose length in bits is not a
multiple of 8
- Updated examples to work on Windows
- Now decode() doesn't return String objects, only lists. Use String as
wrapper if you expect Unicode string instead of a list.
- Optimized encoding for lists of bytes (integer in the range 0-255)
- Fixed encoding/decoding for integer values
- Fixed encoding for small Unicode strings with characters in range 128-255
Version 0.3 (2010-01-03)
- Added float datatype
- Splitted Port and Protocol
- Added more examples
- Miscellaneous fixes
Version 0.2 (2009-12-29)
- Initial version