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  • ATM State Machine - Example on context insensitive typed state machine
    The sample code could be found in package "".

  • Decision State Machine - Example on local transition
    This example demonstrated how to leverage local transition and nested state to create a decision node. DecisionStateMachine
    This example can be found in package "".

  • Simple CSS Parser - Example usage of fluent API
    This example illustrates how to parse incoming characters by define parser grammar in state machine.
    Parse CSS scripts with SimpleCssParser which is defined as State Machine.

     SimpleCssParser parser = SimpleCssParser.newParser();
     List<CssRule> rules = parser.parse("alpha { width: 100px/*comment1*/; /*comment2*/text-decoration: " + 
     	"/*comment3*/ underlined; } epsilon/*comment4*/, zeta{ height: 34px; } ");

    Sample code to define CssParser could be found in package "".

  • Greedy Snake Game Sample - Sample usage of declarative untyped state machine and timed state
    Here is an interesting example which used state machine to implement greedy snake game controller. The following diagram shows that the state machine definition of the controller.
    This example can be found in package "".

  • Spring Framework Integration
    Squirrel state machine does not have any heavy dependencies, so basically it should be highly embedable. To Integrate with Spring IoC container, basically user can add @Configurable annotation on the state machine implementation class, e.g.

     interface StateMachineBean extends StateMachine<StateMachineBean, MyState, MyEvent, MyContext> {
     abstract class AbstractStateMachineBean extends AbstractStateMachine<StateMachineBean, MyState, MyEvent, MyContext> implements StateMachineBean {
     	private ApplicationContext applicationContext;
     public class TypedStateMachineA extends AbstractStateMachineBean {
     	// some other managed beans...
     public class TypedStateMachineB extends AbstractStateMachineBean {
     	// some other managed beans...
     TypedStateMachineA fsmA = StateMachineBuilderFactory.create(TypedStateMachineA.class, 
     	MyState.class, MyEvent.class, MyContext.class).newStateMachine(MyState.Initial);
     TypedStateMachineA fsmB = StateMachineBuilderFactory.create(TypedStateMachineB.class, 
     	MyState.class, MyEvent.class, MyContext.class).newStateMachine(MyState.Initial);
  • Andriod Integration
    Thanks to Vyacheslav Blinov to provide this sample project for squirrel state machine used in android.

  • Use Cases
    The following links linked to some good articles about how to use squirrel state machine library. If the author does not like to be referred here, please contact me. I will withdraw immediately.