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A exometer reporter to push JSON to a sink over HTTP
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Exometer JSON reporter

Copyright (c) 2015 Helium Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


The exometer JSON reporter provides a way to push metrics collected by exometer to an HTTP sink via PUT or POST requests. This provides a general way to publish data to aggregation services with the only requirement being that the service must be able to accept HTTP requests and be able to accept JSON formatted data.


The JSON reporter has the following configuration options:

  • json_sink_url - The URL of the sink where the HTTP requests should be made. The default value is `http://localhost
  • json_http_request_type - The HTTP request type to use. The valid values are put or post. The default is put and put is also used if an invalid request type is specified.
  • hostname - The hostname reported with each metric message sent to the sink. The default is the hostname of the local system.