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# define a short-hand to our fcgi proxy, for convenience
# Define heroku-fcgi fcgi://
Define heroku-fcgi unix:/tmp/heroku.fcgi.${PORT}.sock|fcgi://heroku-fcgi
# make sure the proxy is registered with the unix socket; we can then use just "fcgi://heroku-fcgi" in proxy and rewrites directives
# we have to do this because we can't rewrite to a UDS location and because PHP doesn't support the unix:...|fcgi://... syntax
# this is also a lot more convenient for users
<Proxy "${heroku-fcgi}">
# we must declare a parameter in here or it'll not register the proxy ahead of time
# min=0 is an obvious candidate since that's the default value already and sensible
ProxySet min=0
Listen ${PORT}
<VirtualHost *:${PORT}>
ServerName localhost
ErrorLog /tmp/heroku.apache2_error.${PORT}.log
# redefine "combined" log format so includes can overwrite it
LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" heroku
CustomLog /tmp/heroku.apache2_access.${PORT}.log heroku
TraceEnable off
<Directory "${HEROKU_APP_DIR}">
# lock it down fully by default
# if it's also the docroot, it'll be opened up again further below
Require all denied
<FilesMatch "^(\.|composer\.(json|lock|phar)$|Procfile$)">
# explicitly deny these again, merged with the docroot later
Require all denied
# handle these separately; who knows where they are and whether they're accessible
Require all denied
Require all denied
DocumentRoot "${DOCUMENT_ROOT}"
<Directory "${DOCUMENT_ROOT}">
Options FollowSymLinks
# allow .htaccess to do everything
AllowOverride All
# no limits
Require all granted
# mod_proxy doesn't forward the Authorization header, must fix that ourselves
SetEnvIfNoCase ^Authorization$ "(.+)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1
# pass requests to .php files to mod_proxy_fcgi
# this requires Apache 2.4.10+ and PHP 5.5.15+ to work properly
<FilesMatch \.php$>
<If "-f %{REQUEST_FILENAME}"> # make sure the file exists so that if not, Apache will show its 404 page and not FPM
SetHandler proxy:fcgi://heroku-fcgi