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Use experimental features on your Heroku app


The features added through labs are experimental and will change and eventually be removed without notice.


$ heroku plugins:install


View the available features

$ heroku labs --app myapp
=== App Features (myapp)
[+] flux_capacitor  # Add time travel capability

=== User Features (
[+] superpowers     # Adds flight and laser vision

View detailed information about a particular feature

$ heroku labs:info flux_capacitor
=== flux_capacitor
Summary: Add time travel capability

Enable a feature for an app

$ heroku labs:enable flux_capacitor --app myapp
-----> Enabling flux_capacitor for myapp... done
WARNING: This feature is experimental and may change or be removed without notice.

Disable a feature for an app

$ heroku labs:disable flux_capacitor --app myapp
-----> Disabling flux_capacitor for myapp... done
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