Semi-realtime profile photos in Slack
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Semi-realtime profile photos in Slack.

Take a photo from your webcam every few minutes and automagically update your Slack profile photo!

Funny faces

We’re big fans of Slack and Sqwiggle, but this is is no way affiliated with either organisation. Use at your own risk and remember to turn it off when you finish work to save embarrassment.


You'll need ImageSnap installed. Homebrew makes this easy.

brew install imagesnap

There are two ways to install Sqwack, using Composer or downloading a Phar binary.

Using Composer

Install globally with Composer:

composer global require 'heyupdate/sqwack=~0.1'

To update you can then use:

composer global update

Be sure to add ~/.composer/vendor/bin to your $PATH.

Download the Phar binary

Download the sqwack.phar binary from the latest release.

Make the file executable

chmod +x ~/Downloads/sqwack.phar

Run it


Snap a photo

Run the command with your Slack team domain as the -t option (i.e. for we would use "team")

sqwack snap -t team

Enter your Slack email and password. Once logged in your cookie will be saved in ~/.sqwack so you don't need to keep entering your credentials.

To continuously capture a new photo every few minutes use the cron command:

sqwack cron -t team


Get help by running:

sqwack --help


Check this github project wiki