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"TODO: get path to work (i.e., to stick -- it gets trashed when switching
set path+=src
set path+=src/**
"TODO: get taglist working
" noremap! <C-W><C-b> TlistOpen
" set g:proj_flags = "imstF"
" set Tlist_WinHeight = ''
" this only works b/c I hacked taglist to do below rather than belowright
" might be easier just to set it to belowleft or actually patch taglist to
" make this configurable
" set Tlist_Use_Horiz_window = 1
" this seems to be what causes the fold refresh bug on tabswitch
" set Tlist_Show_One_file = 1
" Open project
Project ./.vimproject
tabdo Project
tabdo foldopen!
" Full screen (as best we can)
winpos 0 0