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Pong on the ESP8266 / nodemcu
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Multiplayer pong game on the ESP8266


Clone the repository with submodules.

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd espong

Building the firmware

Chose one of three options to build the firmware:

Option 1: Cloud build (for noobs)

Get your firmware online at

Chose the following settings:

  • Branch: master
  • Modules: ADC, bit, file, GPIO, i2c, net, node, SJSON, timer, UART, U8G2, WiFi

Option 2: With docker (advanced mode)

To build and flash the firmware, you'll either need Docker or a have the tools to build a nodemcu firmware.

Connect your nodemcu and boot it in flash mode. Then run:

# Build in Docker:
make flash

Option 3: Native build (expert mode)

Connect your nodemcu and boot it in flash mode. Then run:


Upload the software

Reboot your chip and wait a minute for the initial setup to complete. Then upload the lua scripts.

To upload the lua files, run:

make upload

ℹ️ The makefile remembers which files were uploaded to nodemcu and only uploads the files that have changed. If you connect a different nodemcu with the same serial port, then you'll want to clean the cache with

make clean

Custom serial port

You can specify a custom serial port with the PORT environment variable.

For instance:

PORT=/dev/cu.usbmodem1234 make upload


wiring diagram

NodeMCU pin Connects to Function
3v3 oled vcc screen power
gnd oled gnd screen ground
D6 oled scl iic clock
D5 oled sda iic data
D2 btn up Up / OK button
D3 btn down Down button
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